November 7, 2009

Pre-Order NM Score... & Peak Track Titles!!!

Set to be released November 24th "New Moon The Score" is now available for pre-order at Amazon!

Composer - the AcademyAward nominated - Alexandre Desplat, says that “Chris Weitz and New Moon provided me with a rich canvas to create the colors of desire, longing, heartbreak and eternal love.”

Here's the track listing - beware of mini-spoilers:

1. New Moon
2. Bella Dreams
3. Romeo & Juliet
4. Volturi Waltz
5. Blood Sample
6. Edward Leaves
7. Werewolves
8. I Need You
9. Break Up
10. Memories of Edward
11. Wolves v. Vampire
12. Victoria
13. Almost a Kiss
14. Adrenaline
15. Dreamcatcher
16. To Volterra
17. You’re Alive
18. The Volturi
19. The Cullens
20. Marry Me, Bella (<-- Um... SQUEEE!!!)
21. Full Moon

Via TwilightGuide

- Lorabell


  1. The titles alone are giving me goosebumps! WOO-HOO!!!!

  2. Just seeing that makes me so happy ^.^



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