November 13, 2009

PFach has a hot date with TCA? This Could Be EPIC!!!

I'm going to let the Twitarded ladies say this for us...take it away, gals:

OK Twitards, here's the scoop!

Most of you probably already know that Jenny Jerkface and I are going to an early-ish showing of New Moon in New York City Next Thursday evening. It's a benefit for Alex's Lemonade Stand being put on by Volturi Ventures/TwilightMOMS. There are going to be some raffles and fund-raisers to help raise additional donations, and we're really looking forward to the entire evening [note: this is the understatement of the millennium!!!] ! I am also THRILLED that the event specifically requires anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by a duct-tape wielding parent or guardian... We don't have one of those swanky 21+ theaters where you get a leather armchair and cocktails throughout the night... Maybe we should head to the Pacific Northwest for the release of Eclipse? Anyway, this is the next best thing in this neck of the woods. And it's for a good cause - bonus!

Last week, I got an email from Lorabell/His Crooked Smiles over at TwiCrack Addict. She noted that in addition to all the cool stuff being raffled off that night, there is an auction. The winner of said auction gets Peter Facinelli! Ok, not entirely--I guess when it's all said and done, we don't get to keep him and he gets to return home to his cute wife and adorable kids, BUT the winners of the auction DO get to have dinner with Dr. Carlisle Cullen himself! Lorabell suggested that we bid... And win! After that, bloggy mayhem ensues, natch.

I shot down the idea pretty quickly simply because I am poor. Well, not "poor poor," necessarily (whatever that is these days), but I certainly don't have "win dinner with Peter Facinelli" kinda dough. Yesterday I read the details, though - and for the first time, I felt hope... The auction is limited to people attending the movie/event THAT NIGHT. That's IT. We wouldn't be competing with the masses on eBay or whatnot, it's just one room of people. And I think we can take this one for the team... Team Twitarded! With your help, natch!

I don't have kids, and neither does JJ, but you don't need to be a mom or a parent to get behind a charitable foundation like Alex's Lemonade Stand (fwiw, I also donate to St. Baldrick's, another awesome foundation devoted to the fight against children's cancer). I might be an evil bitch sometimes (just ask JJ!), but I can be reduced to tears in under two seconds when I read the stories of these brave children and the families, friends, and caregivers who are working together to find a cure for cancer. If you haven't read the story of Alexandra "Alex" Scott, the founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALFS), you should. 'Nuff said.

But back to how this is an EPIC opportunity for Twitarded and TwiCrack Addict to serve up everything you've ever wanted to know about Peter Facinelli but were afraid to ask! And then some... We want this. B-a-d. The opportunity so sit down with PFach! Us!! And therefore vicariously ALL of YOU - and talk to him about such polite-company dinner-worthy topics such as "Has Robert Pattinson seen "the panties??" - "When is he going to wear his NEW Stoli shirt?!" - "Is Breaking Dawn one movie or two?" - "Is your a$$ really that awesome or was that retouched in post-production???" is sooooo close I can taste it. And it tastes like victory. Victory and a big juicy steak and something chocolate-y for dessert.

So here's what we're gonna do: JJ and I will put the first $100 into the kitty. Lorabell and TwiCrack Addict have offered to contribute an undisclosed sum. But we need YOU to do this thang... Back when we HAD to have FSE but would have been turned out onto the streets by our S/Os had we purchased any more Twi-merch, you came through for us. People were actually disappointed that they weren't able to donate prior to us taking the donation button down. Well, my friends, now is your chance - and this time, you'll get a warm fuzzy "I did something REALLY good today" feeling rather than maybe wondering what sort of trouble we were going to get into with our cardboard standee. Hell, maybe we'll bring FSE to the dinner - both of them, even - I am sure they'd be welcome, right???

One more thing I NEED to add - and PAY ATTENTION - this is IMPORTANT! We have NO idea whatsoever how much money it will take to win this auction. If someone in the audience has deep pockets and really wants to it, they might beat us. Regardless of whether we win the auction/dinner or not, all the money we raise (as well as our personal contributions) WILL BE DONATED. We might contribute directly to ALFS or go through The Twilight Fandom Gives Back (more on this awesome foundation to come soon - and they also donate $ to ALSF), but no give-backs. It's a great cause, dinner with Peter Facinelli or no. And can I just take a moment to dote on Peter Facinelli? We've written about his tireless efforts to support the fandom and various charitable endeavors before, and swooned over his generally being a fantastic all-around dude, and he just doesn't quit. Thanks, Peter! Looking forward to spending some quality time with you reeeaaaalllly soon...

Clicky on the image below to contribute! We'll keep you updated on our progress... Have a question you want to ask? Leave it in the PayPal comments! As an added incentive, we'll send Twitarded buttons to anyone who donates $10 or more (make sure you leave an address)! But every dollar counts - just a buck will make a difference - all those dollars add up! Aaaaaand GO!

Click on Peter's hot blue butt to go make a donation! Er, or anywhere else on the above link..

[Note from JJ!] So, there you have it. We need YOU to help us win the dinner so we can be completely socially awkward around Dr. Cullen! During dinner! I really hope that at least one (or five) cocktails are included so we can blabber endlessly about how cool all of our readers are and how very, very... chagrined we are about those mother f***ing panties. Because without those cocktails, we'll probably end up giggling and I may or may not soil myself from the stress. Or tell Mr. Facinelli how nice his ass looks in THAT picture...

P.S. A HUGE thank you to the wonderful, talented, and hilarious ladies over at TwiSoup for their help with creating the awesome graphic in this post! We bow down to at the feet of their techy superiority... Go visit them--if you haven't seen their "Dirty Seuss" post, you are missing out!!


  1. Done. And Good Luck Ladies!!! Also, I'm bidding on an item for Fandom Gives Back and if by the time of the event its too rich for my blood I'll move the funds over to y'all.

  2. yayyyyy!!!! lucky!!! good luck! also - if you meet him, let him know that we're also throwing a benefit for alex's lemonade for the new moon party release (that you two can't go to grrrrrr) by wtforks and trinity... spread the word! lol

  3. you have it as wednesday night, but its thursday! best of luck ladies...there are def some deep pockets that are going to be there next week but I cant wait to see who wins!

  4. I love to give to charities- especially during this time of year! and I get two bangs for my bucks!! Good luck ladies- make sure if you wins not to focus too much on the other actors in your questions we want to know more about this great man!!!

  5. @mrsbrightside78 - i can't believe I didn't see that - dur! like i don't know the date! the hour! the moment!!! I DO!! my brain is...elsewhere this week... : )


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