November 6, 2009

New/Old RPattz Modelling Shot

Don't judge me but I always secretly wondered if Rob's toes are as long as his fingers... just me?


Yeeeaaah, I thought so!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. @Lorabell, HeHeHe :D Cute picture of him ^.^

  2. It is a cute pic of him. Not very zygote looking lol!

  3. LMFAO Lorabell! There's quite a good foot shot of him in The Haunted Airman- and I am so interested in feet- don't worry, no crickets on this end :0)

  4. @ Lorabell- is "toes" code word for something else?!

  5. LOL your not the only one to think that. Just glad to know there is more than just me out there like that haha. Cute pic of him. Could u just imagine goin to school with that. I cant imagine he didnt have girls chasing him back then.

  6. Hands on bare feet creep me out, but this pic is a lot better than his old modeling pics.


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