November 8, 2009

New Bellward Poster makes me wanna bite stuff!

Wowza - New Moon poster featuring Twilight Beauty's Venom - I'll buy anything advertised like that *nom nom nom*

Thanks ROBsessed

- Lorabell

P.s. Is it just me or does Bellward sound... wrong?!


  1. ok i want this now... i was on the fence, but this decides it for me!


  2. LOL! That was the main reason I picked the prize package that I did for the haiku contest held by The one I got tastes like bubble gum and when you shake it, it looks like a vile of red blood. Too funny!

  3. I just purchased this today. I was a little disappointed. For $16, I thought the vile would be bigger but oh well.

  4. I bought this when the website was first was up. I was exited to get a venom that was a stain too. However, this product is doesn't stain well. It makes you look like you ate a cherry lollipop. Very blothcy.. When I put it on every one said "what's wrong with your lips?" I was sad.


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