November 20, 2009

Ms. TCA's Spoiler-Free and Totally Random New Moon Commentary

Risking being recognized: Ms. TCA and her BFF Alice

So, New Moon may be getting shizzzy reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (wow - 29%, seriously?), but I saw New Moon last night, and I loved it!! Without giving anything away, here is my incomplete and totally subjective list of stuff that I loved:

1) Edward SPARKLES beautifully in New Moon!!! Not like the glitter-glue effect of Twilight. Somehow, they make RPattz even more gorgeous than he is!

2) Vampire make-up is seamlessly beautiful -- It always killed me that I could see Esme's make-up line end halfway up her forehead in Twilight

3) Bella doesn't blink like she's had too much caffeine this time around; KStew gives a really amazing, compelling performance. Loved her!

4) Superior Special Effects -- Now THIS is how Vampires are supposed to move. The stunts were convincing. I love you Chris Weitz!

5) Holy Jailbait -- Wow, I'm a diehard Team Edward gal, but I think Taylor Lautner was amazing as Jacob and I may have to go Team Switzerland from now on. Taylor was great - and so was the chemistry between him and KStew! Who else almost cried during the heartbreaking you-know-what scene? Sob.


Alright, there is so much more to love, but my addled brain is still on a New Moon high. Lorabell will have her own take too.


If you haven't seen it, run thee to the theater.


Update: Oooh, my tun my turn :D Lorabell's (NOT ENTIRELY SPOILER FREE - I've tried and I can't) New Moon best bits:

1) Victoria - killer music, gorgeous hair and awesome special effects!

2) Months - *tear* that is all!

3) Abs - aba + water, abs + sparkles, just plain abs = holy HAWTNESS!

4) Humans - Mike, Eric, Jessica, Charlie - you rock my socks ;)

5) The very nearly almost not quite - you know what I'm talking about - argh, kill me right now!!!

6) Alice's vision - Wait, what?!?! ZOMFE!!!



  1. The movie was grand. Oh, the wolfpack - I think Chris and the CGI/FX team did an amazing job on them and how they move. Someone did their research on actual wolves for this movie. I so want to point out something that they perfected about the pack movement but will wait until later when we are truly discussing the film bit by bit.

    I just want to say that I'm so happy with Chris - he did an amazing job and there were moments I was so moved by how he shot things.

    I'm getting chills just thinking about the movie.

  2. it was beautiful. everything i wanted and so much more. kristen, rob and taylor all delivered. the score....amazing too. can't wait to see it again.

  3. Mrs. TCA, so glad to see that you are still alive. I have missed hearing your comments so much. I have not been able to post on here since you took away the anonymous option as I can't seem to remember how I created my password ( I am very tech challenged!)

    I saw it last night with a prodominantly college-aged crowd (college town) and the theater was so quiet throughout the entire movie, just a few catcalls at shirtless Jacob, crickets when Edward takes his off (J. is a hard act to follow) and appropriate laughs at the jokes. I had been so prepared to not hear most of it!

    I was so impressed with TL and KS improved acting. Their scenes had me more teary than the big break up with Edward (?) and I was blindsighted by the ending. (!) Melissa R. redeemed herself with this script although not all of my fave quotes ("blackest blasphemy" and "my life was like a moonless night" sigh)made it in but whole passages of the book did end up !

    CW stayed true to the book for us book fans; others might be somewhat confused but who cares! I would love for him to remake Twilight:)

  4. I absolutely loved it!!! Seriously, it was infinitesimally better than Twilight! They stayed sooooo close to the book! Chris Weitz is officially my new hero! KStew was definitely waaaayyyyyy less awkward this time around, and her acting was reaaaalllyy great! I just loved it ALL AROUND!

  5. THE ENDING WAS SO FREAKIN' GOOD! The whole thing was, when I went to see it at midnight there was a cheer when it started, squeels when Edward/Jacob/kissing/half naked bodies came onto the screen, and gasps and sobs. It was amazing. I love people in cinema's, they really add to the whole atmosphere.

    And what a fab one it was!! It was actually funny in places too, so much better than Twilight :)!

    I never, ever, EVER thought I'd say this. But... I kinda... sorta... loved Jacob... just a little... maybe...
    Taylor was so good, but I am still Team Edward, all the way. But god, I like Jacob now, I don't know what's going on.

    Anyway, much love and good to have you around TCA! As much as we adore Lorabell, you've been missed!

  6. I loved much better than work was better, sound was better, RPatz accent was better, and acting was a ton better on all accounts. Everyone looked more beautiful overall. The script seemed more fluid and natural. My only concern, which can't be corrected, is that I still want both Edwards and Jacobs voices to be deeper. But I'll live...haha

  7. Met and exceeded all expectations.. I seriously thought I would be screaming like the fangirls all around but it was sooo good I was speechless the whole way through.. A+++++++++++

  8. You just said it perfectly!!!!!

    also the score was such a huge plus and improvement. Desplat just killed it!!!

  9. Absolutely loved it! And there was no almost crying, I teared up. The whole theater was sniffling

  10. @ mel 720 same thing for me as far as the crowd and the reactions. There was some teen girls behind me and were screaming before the movie started so I expected not to be able to hear anything, but I could of heard crickets too. I enjoyed the movie very much, I thought the flow was more evenly done visually than Twilight. It was true to SM book so well done!! Congrats to the Wolf CGI and Volturi scenes were awesome. I have one negative comment if you want to call it that, just an opinion I thought the acting from KS was greatly improved, but I personally didn't feel the emotion of her loss of Edward or Jacob come across the screen. I didn't get that same feeling as when I read the books. To me Bella's character is strong, but also so vulnerable with her emotion of tears giving her away all the time. Just never see KS go to that deep level of emotion. I think she is a decent actress and will evolve with time. I won't go on and on about Ashley Greene's acting at this point, cuz it is what it is!! I did enjoy the movie and thought it surpassed Twilight!! If you haven't seen it- you must it is worth the 10 bucks!!

  11. Clearly, I was watching a different movie than you guys.

    That said, the technical filming was handled beautifully. Many things were worked very well, visually: the depression scene, the fight scene, the cgi wolves were amazing. I particularly enjoyed the way they worked Bella's monologues in as unsent messages to Alice.

    As a whole though, it was entirely too fast paced, especially since the book is slow and agonizing. It left me little time to connect with the characters, thereby when scenes such as the break up and the reunion came along, they did not spark the kind of emotions I was hoping for. I do agree though that it is difficult to shove a book of that size into two hours, but it has been done before (ref. to HP6).

    Additionally, I will admit I went into the theatre without high expectations. I am mature enough to recognized the fact that this movie is hardly an oscar contender, by any means. But Kristin did a GREAT job (Bravo!) but Rob picked up that torch and blinked far too much (ref to the Shakespearean quote scene). I couldn't get past the fact that, in every close up of his face, my attention was constantly drawn to his blood shot eyes. Those contacts must have been killing him.

    I think I'm going to wait until it comes out on dvd to see it again.

  12. LURVED IT! It was sooooo much better than Twilight. You laughed where you were suppose to laughed and the ending..well the entire audience was shouting and clapping and laughing!!! It was sooo much fun! The acting was so much better and the kissing between Edward and Bella was on a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL thatsallimmasayin ;)

  13. Hey sweetie.
    Love the pic.
    Ok my opinion:
    Acting = awesome
    Colors, cinematography, music, and costumes = awesome
    Screenplay = Blah.
    I walked away thinking Team Edwards would love it and Team Jacob's might feel a little cheated.
    *dodging stones*

  14. I saw it WED. night but i like but im not sure i love it, I love Kstew and i like TL, I love Rpatz but i don't know i think that they left out too much like the talk after they come back from italy on the wood, the scene when edward give her tha cd and then hide it and lots lots lots of scenes with Jacob! i mean there was no good explanation that bella jump off the cliff and i just didn`t felt the break up scene =(

    BUT overall i like it and im stil thinking about loving it maybe the 2nd time i see it

  15. I loved it though i agree it was to fast pace i think if i hadn't read the books i'd be a bit confused. And has anybody pointed out that in the books Alice is a fashionista and the clothes she wore were not cute(just my opinion)

    Anywho so worth the wait so worth watching the midnight showing and coming to work all tired

  16. rotten tomatoes is a lousy website. the only people that write reviews on there are single, 40 year old fat men who have no lives xD

    i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, however the audience kind of ruined it for me. there were just some people in my theater that were so obnoxious and rude. grrrr. seriously, why would you go to a new moon showing at midnight if you didn't want to see it? beats me. i'm going for a second time tomorrow and i'm hoping to evaluate it a little more. first time around, y'know it's late and you are just way too excited to even take any of it in. haha.

  17. OMGoodness New Moon was amazing I agree with everything you said and it was just awesome!!!

  18. OMG I'm sooo glad to hear all this.... but... i can't see the movie... it's not showing in my town =[[ SOS

  19. I was SO happy with the movie. Chris Weitz is brilliant and I thought it was very true to the book. The acting was ALOT better. Though I think the reason it was not so good in the first one was because of the director. Gotta say it, Catherine Hardwick really destroyed it for me. She focused too much on making it modern and edgy that we lost a lot of the story and the book. Anyway, back to New Moon. Taylor Lautner did a great job as Jacob, he pulled off the bickering and humor of Jacob's character wonderfully. The wolfpack, yes was great. The Volturi-seriously, Michael Sheen was an exact replica of the Aro I saw in my imagination as I read the book. I was disappointed that they gave Marcus so many lines..he's supposed to be bored and not caring! And Caius was not quite as menacing as he should have been. Bravo to Dakota as Jane and Felix and Demetri. Great portrayals. All that hoopla over that model that played Heidi, and we barely catch a glimpse of her as she walks past. I don't really care about the car change. Actually, I think Edward's car is better in this one than the old one. They didn't do a good job letting everyone know about Jasper's gift, it confused my friend, who hasn't read the books. Loved the Cullens though. Emmett was hillarious, as he was supposed to be. Alice-wardrobe was bad.
    After all that though, the movie was spectacular. Most of the things I had a problem with, weren't that big of a deal to me. Just a nitpicky fan I suppose. The extra things CW added made the movie better I think. So, bravo.

  20. I loved that the vampires truly were absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful, as they should be.

    I didn't like that parts that were in the previews were cut out of the movie (birthday cake).

    I am biased, but I'm an intelligent, 34 year old career woman, and i have to say I would give this movie 8/10. Fantastic.

  21. As a whole, I thought the movie was a dozen times better than Twilight. I was absolutely thrilled with how close they stuck to the book... until the end began. I was so excited for Edward and Bella to reunite and then it happened WAY too quickly. And then they both start having the conversation that's not supposed to happen until they're back in her bedroom! Everything was instantly better between them. It was like zip, zip. Too fast. I felt that the plane ride also needed to be added in because I thought the build up to them reuniting should have been bigger. In a way, I loved the ending and the cliffhanger, but I also wanted it to be as it was played out in the book. (I know -- I'm being picky!)

    However, Kristen and Rob had outstanding, off the charts chemistry (woohoo! Team Edward!). I thought Rob did an ever better Edward than in Twilight, which makes complete sense, but wow, I was very impressed. Kristen was amazing. When you think about how much she had to do in New Moon, it's astonishing how she was SO Bella. I can also think of no one better than Taylor to play Jacob. He was far better than I was expecting. He really became Jacob as well.

    Another aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed was the comedy of it. Some great, unexpected, yet laugh-out-lines in there.

    The future (dream?) sequence with Edward and Bella was slightly painful for me. I wish they hadn't been running, because it looked really cheesy. The entire theater just started laughing.

    The entire cast did a phenomenal job, and Chris Weitz should be extremely proud of himself. All of the scenes were visually stunning. Totally worth the wait.

  22. Omfgggg. What can i say? the ending was absolutely epic. NO JOKE.!!!! It kept me savoring for more.

    I have to agree that the future sequence where bella was running with edward was kinda dissapointing but honestly i do not expect them to actually show a version of the transformed bella.

    The part where edward finds out about bella was absolutely wow. The effects were beautiful, and it was more than what i really expected it to be. Chris weitz is a genius.

    I do have to admit that i was kinda dissapointed with the music i expected something a little bit more profound and heart breaking but it was still very very very yummy.

    It had some good comedy, i liked the color of the movie, without the blue tint, alice looked gorgeous, the glitters!!!!! were ughhhh just breathtaking.

    Okay. I am srsly going to shut up now.
    I feel like talking about everything.
    I am so in love now.
    Jacob has sorta captured my heart btw.
    I think im team switzerland now.
    Lets hope eclipse changes that lolz.

  23. Cinematography in this one was on a whole new level. I was so afraid the wolves were gonna look cheesy, but they actully looked menacing and believable. Acting was sooooo much better. My disbelief was totally suspended almost 100% of the movie. During twilight I was always, like, "I don't like that." "That's awkward." "So much blinking." This time, I was just totally absorbed. LOVED IT!!!

  24. omg.. I really couldnt stand the bella blinking and fidgeting in the first movie. I totally agree with you that it made her seem like she had too much caffeine. I thought I was the only one that noticed.

  25. Ok, THX Lorabell for putting the Name/URL option again, its the only way I could sign in before to comment!

  26. I love the movie! Everything was perfect! It was beyond my expectations! Chris is amazing!!!!! The visual effect of Bella and her depression? Great!!! The sparkling was way better and the stunts and visual effect of Edward disappearing were incredible! It was like reading the book! They didn't changed that much! AND THE FINAL SCENE?????? SPEECHLESS!!! I was like no way I read the script and this is how they're ending the movie???? No no I'm really happy with this movie!!!! We have to let Summit know what we want Chris for Breaking Dawn really!!!!!

  27. Ok,
    New Moon is waaay better than Twilight I must say. However, though KStews acting has DEFINATELY improved,it still isn't right. I didn't feel she portrayed the emotion she should've of being manic depressive. Although there are moments when I think she did a great job, there are equal moments when she just falters. I wanted the cliff diving scene to be so much more "impactful" but instead she just does the sorriest lame cliff jump I could've imagined. I wasn't heart wrenching at all! I felt she could've done better with the break up scene with Edward too. She's just too monotone and its just the way she acts. I really hope she improves in the next film, but overall, its definately an improvement from Twilight. Jacob, I loved, I actually felt more sad and like crying during the scene when he breaks up with her than I did with Edward (and I'm team Edward)! I felt sooo bad for him! He did a good job a portraying the torchered love sick puppy. Edward, lurv him. I think his acting was very good and I loved the part in Rio de Janeiro! What can i say, he can't do no wrong! Victoria, I loved, loved the vampire movements, I only wish we got to see more of the wolves though. I do agree with everyone else that the move was WAY to fast paced and like Twilight, I didn't get to fully apreciate any of the characters, I mean you blinked and it was over with! The scene with Emily was soo fast and not to mention Heidi, but I do understand that they have a time frame and I am very grateful that at least they put those scenes in the book instead of leaving them out. I take it fast, hee-hee. If anyone has not read the book, It will be hard for them to keep up and they might get confused, good thing for the rest of us we knew what to expect but just a warning, DO NOT GO WITH ANYONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TWILIGHT CUZ THEY WILL ASK A THOUSAND QUESTIONS DURING THE MOVIE! My friend did that to me and and I was getting seriously peeved! I will have to go again to catch up on what I missed. Overall, I am happy, but I wanted more! Chris Weitz did a good job and it was definately worth the wait. SO Lorabell, When does the Eclipse clock countdown go up? Hee-Hee

  28. I am a sucker for wee details and I was hoping one of my tiptop favourite things about the book would be included...Bella wondering if Edward would appear in the pictures she took with her new camera, and then Edward subsequently ripping them out of her scrap book when he leaves, and then at the end E. telling B. they were under her floorboard all along, also the new stereo ripping out of truck fiasco.

  29. I agree with all the people who said it was too fast-paced. They needed to lengthen the movie a bit. They jumped from scene to scene way too fast, almost like they had a check-list of parts of the book that they wanted to include and I could almost feel someone in the editing room saying "check" as they went along. I actually thought Hardwicke did a better job getting the overall essence of the book. New Moon seemed a little flat to me. I didn't see good chemistry between Bella & Jacob or Edward. And yeah, didn't care for the background music either. Thought Carter Burwell's was better. I'll wait for the DVD to see it again also. Still Team Edward though:)

  30. I agree with all of the things you said! I have to say that sometime, the crowd you see it with can make it or break it. The crowd I saw it with was more Team Jacob, for sure! And they also laughed during the future of Edward and Bella scene, which kind of ruined it for me (it did look cheesy, but I knew where they were going with it.)
    I was kind of overwhelmed when I walked out of the theater, but I am seeing it again tomorrow...I hope that after that the 2nd time, I LOVE it, because right now I liked it a lot, but I'm undecided if I LOVE it. I saw Twilight the movie before I read the books, then got hooked on the books. I've seen Twilight the movie many, many times since and I'm a huge fan, despite the effects of vampire legs running all wacky because the actors are on wires, LOL! I think we need to remember that Catherine Hardwicke had a much, much lower filming budget than Chris Weitz did!! I just think that there were still some details that were left out, and I kind of had that sense that things were rushed, too. Regardless, I liked it and feel like wow- what to look forward to now?? So- when is Eclipse's release date, LOL! That book is my favorite!!

  31. Kirrra<3TwilightSaga. (:November 21, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    I LOVE NEW MOON! i went to the midnight session & it was a really awesome movie, loved the whole cast, Chris Weitz; GREAT JOB :D

    Does anyone else think that the bit in the movie when it shows Bella as a vampire, in the forest with Edward, is the part in Breaking Dawn when shes running in the forest after shes just changed?
    I dunno, its just what i think (:

    Cant wait for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn!

  32. Hi.
    I watched yesterday and I lover. It's better than Twilight, a 100%.
    The only thing that I don't like is that Jake observed the Bella's scar but it's don't show she explain about James for him and that Edward save her. For people thar don't read the book is confused.
    Sorry my bad english, I'm a Brasilian.

  33. Amazing. I loved it so much! It was so well done. I really liked Twilight alot, but compared it too much to the book the first time I saw it. This did not happen at all with New Moon. They did a wonderful job.

    One thing I noticed with New Moon, I didn't feel the need to have to explain anything to non-twihards. The movie flowed with out explaination. Twilight, I had to explain stuff to people.

    Big thumbs up from me. I can't wait to get babysitters again so this 27 year old mom of a 2 year old and 3 month old can see it again!

  34. I agree with "Anonymous November 20, 2009 2:48 PM"
    I was somewhat disapointed. I expected so much more. Dont get me wrong, I liked it because its New Moon. But I felt everything was rushed. I felt like they could have left some scenes out, to really grasp the important scenes. It was like one second shes sad, the next second shes happy with jacob, and the next she saves edward. It was way to fast. They should have let things gradually happen. If i hadnt read the book, i would have been confused, i think my fiance and his friend were(even though they loved it too). One thing that really got me was, the attraction between edward and bella, it was almost non existant. In twilight you can feel the un-dying love edward has for bella. I didnt see that in this movie. I HOPE TO GOD ECLIPSE FOCUSES ON THAT AGAIN! And fix edwards hear and makeup and make him look sexy again. He was not looking his best in this movie.

  35. I was disappointed and I'm a huge twihard. I adored the cinematography, which was visually beautiful. Loved Victoria's cliff diving and the new sparkly skin on the vamps. Hated the stupid gold contact lenses, which weren't even black when Edward was near death in Italy! (I mean, the vamps looked like snakepeople or lizards or something). Loved the Thom Yorke song. Loved the Volturi, but not Jane, and I hope Aro laughs less next time. What did they do to Elizabeth Reaser? She looked awful as did Nikki Reed. The vamps needs to resemble Rock Stars; Victoria and Laurent were the only ones who came close. Here's what I didn't like.
    First, I loved the edgy, independent style of Catherine Hardwick and the inside jokes for Twihards, e.g., the wings on Edward in the biology lab, "Jasper's the one who looks like he's in pain," "wouldn't be like drinking your blood, for instance," "are you being safe?" and the apple catch by Edward in the cafeteria. The only laughs my theatre got were for Eric crying during R & J and at the ridiculous, implausible dream sequence.
    Second, I thought Chris Weitz's directing lacked the creativity that Hardwicke's did. Not only for a failed sense of humor, it tried to take itself too seriously and dragged along as if it were epic. There was no passion in this film, I mean, there wasn't any sexual tension, any discussion of sex or lust or approach toward it at all. That tension is the driving point of the book, guys. The "I'd rather die than be without you" doesn't work if the characters don't have scenes together expressing that tension and passion. Don't get me wrong: KStew and RPattz were great with what time the script gave them. But this movie could have been rated G as far as I was concerned and I was not convinced theirs was a passionate relationship. Instead of their first scene being a boring discussion of her birthday, why now make it a joyful, fun, passionate time that would be a foil to the depth of her despair at his absence later on? Instead, their first scene about her birthday had all the emotion of an office meeting. The camera work was part of the problem: few close up kisses by the amazing ROBSTEN. Moreover, this is a romantic story, yet the script didn't follow romatic conventions and became an "action film." The key link between the key characters suffered as a result.
    Third, there were other script problems. Why waste time on her vision of her grandmother? It added nothing to the story. Why develop Harry Clearwater as a minor character when the other major characters, e.g., Billy Black, Angela, and the Cullens, get little time at all? Why spend time on Bella's birthday gifts from her parents if the movie omits how Edward removed all traces of himself as part of his cruel break-up with her? What about the CD of his music? In fact, his composition never made it into this film, a huge continuity error that could have threaded these films together beautifully. (The musical score was atrocious and the swelling violins reminded me of an attempt to be like Gone With the Wind.) I was deeply annoyed at it and truly missed the Carter Burwell compositions. Most significantly, why rush the final scene? It should have followed the book to the letter. It was a key piece in the story: the tension continues in the book until she's slept off Italy and they're home safe and sound discussing Italy and the break up in her room. Savor the relationship between the characters because it will make the next two movies even more successful. Don't do Eclipse until Eclipse.
    I'm concerned that David Slade won't be able to do romance either. There was talk in the beginning about the need for a female director. I totally agree that unless the script is given weight to the romantic tension and character relationship, it too will be an action film. Someone should talk to David Slade now.

  36. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  37. OK, so let me start by saying, I absolutely ADORE Stephanie Meyer and every member of the twilight cast. But on that note, I've made it a point to see the movie twice and also to give myself some time before I commented. I was, quite frankly, dissappointed, I really think they missed the boat on this movie and it makes me sad, because I love the books and the characters and the actors. I didn't feel like the movie flowed well, it was like one scene ended and the next began with know flow in between. I have 3 major complaints 1. Kristen does not shed 1 tear through the entire movie. How can you possibly lose the love or your life/soulmate, sit and watch him walk out of your life and not cry??? 2. Did anyone notice that during the months (Oct., Nov., Dec.,) she had on the same outfit? I loved the scene, but I am fairly certain she didn't where the same clothes for 3 months and again NO TEARS. And, finally 3 which I feel could have been handled easily was them not putting in the scene at the end when Edward brings her home from Italy and has a confrontation with Charlie, I really thought that was pivotol for the lead in into Eclipse.

    Make no doubt about it I will continue to support the films because it's not their fault, but I seriously hope that Eclipse will be different, although with the same director, I doubt it. I am sad, I just don't think it was well done, but who am I.


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