November 8, 2009

Listen to Rob's NM Press Conference in LA

Wow, I could listen to this all day!

Via Spunk-Ransom

- Lorabell

P.s. Also... THIS happened - damned Samantha Harris *grumble*


  1. Anyone know how to get this onto my IPOD? Can you imagine just listening to his sweet voice and laugh every day? If anyone can help a technologically challenged blonde in this area, give me a clue!!

  2. LOL "How do you fight?" "Like a pu$$y."

  3. @Janece: Hm, the only way I know is somewhat of a long way round - you could download the video and then strip the sound as a separate file to upload?
    - Lorabell :)

  4. I'm addicted to his voice.
    And his laugh. Lol

  5. Seriously loving that accent! :)

  6. Okay, it's Samantha Harris. Lucky girl!

    @Janece- google "daily motion to mp3" and find a web site that converts videos/mps and it's quite simple. I've never done daily motion only youtube videos and I guessing it's the same thing.

  7. Dang you Samantha Harris! If I didn't like you so much from DWTS I'd be mighty upset that you're sitting on my husband's lap!

  8. This Samantha is totally unpro!!!! WTF!!!!
    I would hate that... I'm sure that she jumped on his lap and he coudn't say a NOOOOO.. You can see that Rob's smile is not an easy one and his hand fist...
    I bet that he wouldn't like Kristen sitting on male interviewer lap..!!!!

  9. Very nice indeed to listen to the sweet sound of sexiness:)))

  10. Rob has such a naughty boy about to get into trouble look on his face. I love it! Poor guy is probably dying for some hawt chick to ride his lap! LOL!!

    I'd sooooooo be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to ride his lap for a few hours!


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