November 8, 2009

LA Press Conference Pics

Gah, this press conference makes me feel so schmexy - I have to run my hands through my hair!

Bella was all "You can't leave" and I was like "Watch me - LOL!"

This is my thinking face ;)

Yeah, I can't think of anything funny for this one - it makes me too smiley :)

Who's too cute for stubble? Say it - say it - I am!

This is my catalogue pose ;)

Blue Steel!

Lots more via Bella and Edward - I'm trying to find sources for the Taylor pics and there are some Chris ones too - watch this space!

- Lorabell: Kristen smiles when you comment :)


  1. wow, I really love these pictures, they all look good! and Kristen looks really pretty=)

  2. Awww these are great. They all look amazing!! :D xx

  3. I loved that everyone appears to be having a good time and they truly look happy.

  4. Yeah, I love that they all look happy :) Kristen looks very beautiful ^.^

  5. taylor is smexy. there is nothing else to say

  6. Rob looks adorable and Kristen too..
    Taylor pfft.. i dont care!

  7. I'm lovin' all the smiles! :) beautiful pics.

    can you believe......10 DAYS!!


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