November 9, 2009

Coming up - another reason to heart KStew...

Kristen, along with boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, joined the Celebrity Walk Ambassadors for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's annual Walk To Cure Diabetes in LA this morning.

How happy are these pictures?! Smiley people doing good things - you gotta love it ;)

Via Radar Online - see more pics at KStewartFan

- Lorabell

Update: And a video via TwiFans - awesome!


  1. So cute and using her celebrity to do something for such a great cause. I heart her!

  2. Wow she has truly gone up in my books by 100% even though she was already up right up there. JD is something that is embedded in my family so its always nice to see things like this :) luv ya kstew

  3. Always happy when celebs use there fame/time to give back. <3<3

  4. awww (:
    I love Kristen Stewart!!

  5. Kristen just gives us a reason to love her more and more everyday. Way to go Kristen !!!!!

  6. I beg to differ, but this would be the ONLY reason to like her.. she's just bLaH!


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