November 3, 2009

KStew & Tay Live Chat Videos!

In case you missed it (like me) here's the videos from the Live Chat in Mexico with Kristen and Taylor :)

Thanks to Raze71 - love the Falcor avatar ;)

- Lorabell


  1. gosh videos not really clear.........Love Kristen's new hair cut!

  2. ummm seriously hating the the translator... I could've done a better job at it! has anyone taught her that you cannot transalte stuff literally from spanish to english? it really annoyed me.
    Loved Taylor, n Kristen looks a lot more comfy now at the interview stuff than she did for Twilight.

  3. Argghhhhh, i cant understand a word Taylor and Kristen are saying,because that STUPID lady is talking over them!! OMG!! She should have just put subtitles for the fans in Brazil to undertstand, and then the rest of the world, can actually listen to them talking!!

  4. i wonder what character kristen wants to portray from any thing to do with literature, the question that the crying girl was asking.

  5. Annoying as all hell, couldn't watch it all!! Just have to wait for a better version:))


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