November 15, 2009

KStew's BBC Radio 1 Interview

Yeah, this is a Kristen interview - despite the Rob image (target marketing!) but hopefully a Rob one will turn up soon - I'll post as soon as I have it :)

Thanks Shraddha x

- Lorabell


  1. Great interview, Kristen has matured so much and can really carry an interview without the use of cliche answers!! Way to go girl!!!!

    Really nice that the interviewer really asked intelligent questions and understood the subject, cute that she gave Kristen a CD, nice touch!

  2. Another great interview. I'm starting to feel I'm being jipped here in the US - are interviews aren't nearly as intelligent or well thought out.

  3. What an absolutely lovely interview, so respectful and genuine. And Kristen is right, she is so much more relaxed. Cute question about the graduation, I was wondering about that. Yay BBC!

  4. What were the bands she listedd she liked


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