November 18, 2009

Kristen on Regis & Kelly

Kristen was on the Regis & Kelly show this morning (hence this TwitPic) and I was there!

They also pre-recorded an interview with Ashley Greene for next Monday :D

In case you missed the show:

I wish I could go tomorrow and Friday too for Rob and Taylor days *sigh* oh well...

- Lorabell

P.s. I was at a John Mayer show last night and apparently Kristen was there too... I wouldn't know because I missed her *facepalm*


  1. okay... something's either wrong with me or kelly ripa's hella annoying.

  2. How late was the John Mayer show, because she was in Knoxville last night in the early part of the evening, wasn't she?

  3. So jealous you were at the show! Sounds like fun to be in the tv audience for their interviews.

    Sidenote, I got home from New Moon almost an hour ago and am still shaking. It was fantastic! As Stephenie said one of her favorite scenes is during Thom Yorke's song, and oh my it was the best!

  4. A little off topic to the post but Lorabell I am SO jealous you were at John Mayer!! He's not coming over to Ireland :( Boo.

  5. @Hannah: Are you "bus" Hannah?! Hiiii!
    - Lorabell *waves*

  6. They're both annoying as hell. I must be a die-hard Twilight fan if I'm going to sit through more than 2 seconds of these two....

  7. @Lorabell - haha! Yes I am 'bus' Hannah :) See, I do comment! ;)


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