November 20, 2009

*Fangirl Squeal* Kellan & Peter Crash Our New Moon Screening - And I turn into a 13 year old again

Not only did Lorabell and I get to see New Freaking-Awesome Moon early last night, but we got a special treat when Carlisle Cullen and Emmett Cullen showed up in the flesh!

We attended the Twilight Mom's-hosted New Moon in New York event and it was a blast! It was a night filled with fun. Not only did we get tons of goodies, including NM Burger King crowns, a bag full of goodies, raffle prizes, and an Edward + Volvo poster, but we got to see Peter & Kellan up close when they made a surprise appearance for a charity auction where the audience bid on a chance to have dinner with the guys.

What a treat! We squealed like fangirls, of course. Loves it.

P.S. Kellan is soooo much hotter in real life than in photos! *Swoon*

P.P.S. New Moon was WONDERFUL!

More to come later. :-)

- Ms. TCA

Lovely Lorabell scowling at her Jacob cupcake

Our friend treated us with these yummy Twilight cupcakes!


  1. I [heart] you guys and had a freakin' ball last night!!! And I can't believe I still woke up at 7 a.m. this morning - lol!

    : )

  2. I had so much fun last night. You ladies rock. Also, Kellan and Peter are the prettiest men I've ever seen. I've totally switched to Team Emmett!

  3. So wonderful to meet you!!! I have some good pics of all of us! i'll send to you guys :-)

  4. Do you sleep?! How on earth did you get this up so fast? LOL!

    It was great meeting you and I had a blast!!

  5. LMFAO - I love that you gave me shades! How long did those take to photoshop?!
    - Lorabell :D


  7. That's awesome, you guys looked like you had a blast :) Haven't seen it yet, I'm going Sunday...having to wait longer is killing me LoL

  8. Wow that was great!! Good to see you again Mrs. TCA!! haha I'm sooo jealous Lorabell I want a cupcake...we didn't got that promotion here in crown no bucket nothing!! bummer! haha New Moon was amazing!!!!!

  9. You lucky B*atches!! I went to an early premiere in my town thursday by myself, cuz noone could go, but I must say I met some ppl my age and had a good time. Wish I was with you all, it would of made the experience so much more!! Seeing it again today with ppl that love it as much as me, so should be cool. Love you guys and glad to see Ms. TCA is still alive- I thought maybe she was bitten by a vampire and had to stay out of site until her transformation had completed!!

  10. How on earth can Kellan be even more hot in person??? Is that even fucking possible??? :eek:

  11. Oh yes, he totally was. It's quite possible lol

  12. Oh yes, he was hotter in person. yummmmmmy! Look at me sneaking one of TJ's cupcakes in that pic. They were damn good. All you ladies rock!


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