November 14, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Teaser - Loving this pic!

Update: Thanks Irene :)

Too cute, right? Don't forget to set your DVR:

A vampire, werewolf, and human from Forks, Washington will be interviewed together on ONE NIGHT ONLY, on ONE SHOW ONLY, on ONE COUCH ONLY!

Coinciding with the release of the Twilight series second movie New Moon in theaters Friday, November 20, the film's stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner are appearing together that very same night, exclusively on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This is the only late-night talk show appearance for the holy trinity. Yes, Jimmy, and only Jimmy, will be interviewing Robert, Kristen and Taylor. He'll try to be appropriately extra-brooding that night.

- Lorabell

P.s. How much do I love you guys? I'm blogging right now from Dublin - yes, Ireland! I'm here for the New Moon event with Solomon on Sunday... my friend's asleep in the bed next to me and I'm still posting --> addict!


  1. From one addict to another, I sincerely thank you for the updates Lorabell! :) xxx

    Have fun on Sunday xxx

  2. I agree with Sparkles!!!
    Great picture of the trio, just Love Rob and Kristen they look so fresh and happy!!!

  3. Yes, I agree with Sparkles and Wen - thank you. Y'all keep me up on everything and help keep the twitches aways when withdrawal starts to set in.

  4. eternally grateful lorabell!!!


  5. I cant wait! I've saved the list you made for us and have set the good ole' DVR to record. I love when they interview together. The interaction is so much fun.

    Your in Dublin, huh? And live in London, huh? GAH! I envy you.

  6. Aww Thank you so much, I love you guys and this site ^.^ I agree with TJB, you guys are so awesome with keeping us up to date with our addiction, so thank you so much ^.^

  7. Thanks Lorabell for the posts!! I'm an addict too and so jealous of you in Ireland for the event. How wonderful for you!! Hugs, Cathy


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