November 9, 2009

Imma have to add Michael to my "who'd've thunk it" list - just me?

Chris, Kristen, Rob and Michael mini-interviews from behind the scenes of New Moon.

How we heart Harpers Bazaar

- Lorabell


  1. I heart Michael Sheen's voice - I love it. I can just listen to whatever movie he is in, no need to watch, all I need to do is just listen. It's nothing sexy about it but it's something. Kind of like Anthony Hopkins - regal.

  2. It is so not just you. I thought the same when I saw the extended version of that interview this weekend. When he talks about Chris W. he is funny and sexy... even in his freaking ARO make-up... which looks oddly much like Eddie Munster all grown up.

    I saw an interview with Elizabeth Reaser in which she was gushing about him to the point of second-hand embarrasment. I totally understand her crush now.

  3. I love him too, and so intelligent and well spoken. But gotta say that I love Chris too, for the same reasons... smart, well spoken, and I love his voice as well!! He needs to be an honorary vamp!!

  4. Wow. Michael really does have Aro down. That voice. It is feathery and menacing. I can not freaking wait!

    We should all creat a Twi-award and give it to Chris. He should be recognized for his vision of New Moon.

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