December 1, 2009

I thought Stephenie would like this...

I saw some of the chat-box regulars talking about a great site, Post Secret - I'm sure many of you are aware of it, basically people mail in their anonymous secrets - it's very addictive, often funny and always heart-felt.

So when I saw Sparkles and Christy chatting, I was reminded to check in and came across this secret someone mailed in.... with all the money that Twilight makes, all the hysteria it causes and all the media it generates, I thought this might make Stephenie smile.

Yes, Twilight is now a franchise, a machine (10 bucks says there's plans for a theme-park within 3 years) and even a joke to some - I can get down because of the product placement, promo and merch as much as I love it...

Because it means something more to us - whether that's the dream of the perfect partner, being strong when you're most vulnerable, or just the hope that that things work out for the best in the end *sigh* I dunno, sometimes simple reminders make you think hardest :)

- Lorabell

P.s. It's been a weird week and I just read a rather emotional "Clipped Wings" update - I'm not PMSing, I swear ;)


  1. I think this is f*cking brilliant.

    Thanks for posting it Lorabell - I must have missed it in my Postsecrets feed!

  2. Oooh Yay!

    I'm such a Post Secret addict :) I find it absolutely fascinating and I love this one.... there's actually another Twilight one in the Sunday Secrets on the Post Secret blog at the moment. It's quite funny, check it out ;) xx

    Also I recently became a fan of Post Secret on Facebook and you can read loads more on there.

    Thanks for posting Lorabell. I completely agree with your definition of what Twilight means to us, it's such an inspiring story. *Sigh*

    :) <3 xxxx

    Along a similar line, this always makes me laugh my socks off!

  3. @Sparkles: is the "funny" one you're refering to the same that I linked?
    - Lorabell

  4. I saw this on PostSecret too and thought the same thing as you. Twilight means more to those of us that it actually helped thru something important...

  5. Oopsie sorry Lorabell, it is indeed the one you linked. :P I didn't click on it before. Silly me! :) xxx


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