November 20, 2009

How did you spend YOUR New Moon day?!

I'm not wearing black? Wait, what?!

Aw, how cute are we all matchy?!

*Siiiiiiigh* after months and months of waiting and anticipation and impatience, we finally get to see New Moon!

Lucky Mrs TCA and I got to spend the day with the Twitarded gals and a few kick-ass readers (I'm looking at you TJB) - not to mention, Peter and Kellan turned up at our screening for Alex's Lemonade - beyond awesome!

Kristen, Rob, Taylor and co did the red-carpet thang downtown and, I suspect, will now go into hybernation for winter!

Sooo, how did YOUR New Moon day go? What was your fave bit of the movie?! Were you lucky enough to see any of the cast?!?! Spill ;)

See more pics at ROBsessed and FierceBitchStew

- Lorabell


  1. Lorabell, how many of the cast members have you seen/met? I'm jealous! =)


  2. My New Moon day was yesterday morning at 12.01am and it was FABULOUS! I cannot speak highly enough of the movie, beyond all expectations!

  3. I bought the tickets for the 27th of November(it gomes a few days late to Estonia) BUT since i am goin to London that day i will not see it :( I am going to stay in a Hotel close to Victorya Station. Any good theaters around there Lorabell? :D

  4. I saw it too, but didnt stay till the end of the credits as it was 2:30am and I was shattered! Was there anything special at the end of them? I had a feeling the posibility was there seeing as eclipse is in post-production, they could of easily made a small clip!

  5. saw it! my favorite part was... the WHOLE THING! it was utter perfection!!

    im in love with jacob, and edward. more torn than EVER!!!

  6. OMG!!! I went to see it yesterday, because here in Puerto Rico it always comes a day before, and it was awesome!!! I loved the effects of the entire movie movie,the cliff jump, everything and the ending leaves you wanting more!!!

  7. I love how Rob and Kristen's outfits match their eyes (:

  8. Where is the Eclipse counter? Let's get it rolling.

  9. NM great. The ending killed me! It is 6am. I have had 2 hrs asleep and am up getting kid ready for school heading off to work (WFT, why didn't I take today off?) Back with my nieces at 4 today to see it again...SQUEEEEE

  10. I had reserved tickets for the 12:30 p.m. showing of New Moon. I got up early and spent the morning at the Starbucks next to the cinemas. I brought my laptop and my dvd of Twilight. I ordered a peppermint mocha and watched Twilight! I timed it perfectly so that I finished the movie right when they were letting people into the cinema. The audience was amazing! They all gasped and sighed together! I love how Bella narrates through the movie! I'm watching again! :)

  11. My daughter and I bought the pre-sale tickts over a month ago; we are seeing it tonite at 7:50 pm - I am counting the hours :-)

  12. Wow, this film is absolutely terrible.

  13. I've seen movie at 12:02 A.M. ;D
    It's great! My favourite scene. - with Thom Yorke's Hearing Damage.
    Anyway I'm going tomorrow to see NM again ;D

  14. @Zach, yet you found it necessary to Google a fan site and comment on it. hmmmmm

  15. I hosted a party at my house complete with Vampire wines (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), mushroom ravioli, lasagna, salad, and breadsticks. I played both soundtracks and the Twilight score. Since ruffled tulips aren't in season, I settled for "latin lady" roses, which are white with red tips (very similar to the cover flower on the New Moon book). I had Avon's Golden Twilight nail polish wrapped in silver wrapping paper for my favors and they were sitting on the table as presents under the best part of the whole night - the cake I had made to look like Bella's birthday cake, complete with the yellow and green fondant, the silver "BELLA", and Gerbera daises. It was AWESOME!!! We left the house at 10:15 and were in our seats at the theater by 10:45. A few of us are about to get back together for breakfast and then head to the 11:50 AM show because once wasn't enough and twice in 12 hours is so ridiculous we HAD to do it!!!

  16. Thanks Lorabell and Mrs. TCA for making my "New Moon" experience amazing!

    I'm still on a high. Didn't get much sleep but who cares it was well worth it. The movie was amazing and I'll be seeing it again and again - thank goodness for $6 matinees and discount tickets because a girl could go broke seeing movies at full price in the NYC.

  17. I went last night to the premiere in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Canada), and it was AMAZING! Apart from the terribly annoying screaming 14 year olds behind us, I couldn't have asked for a better movie. Chris Weitz had a HUGE job to do, and BIG shoes to fill - and he delivered!!!! I'm still spinning from the whole thing! I had been concerned about Ashley/Alice's acting based on the released clips, but she was actually fantastic! I love when she jumps over the railing on the stairs in the cafeteria - SO alice!!!

    My fav part of the whole movie was probably Bella sprinting through the fountain, running smack into Edward and then their reuniting scene. Love love love :) Also, SO glad they had more intimate moments in this movie - I felt like there wasn't enough in Twilight. WELL DONE NEW MOON CAST and CREW!!!

  18. I saw it at midnight and it was amazing. Kristens performance was perfect and didnt seem so twitchy like in twilight. Robs accent was so much better this time and he of course did an amazing job as well. ALthough I am tottally and forever Team Edward I have to say Taylor Lautner was incredible!!!!!!!! He did a very very good job as Jacob. He really showed us what he's made of. Loved how much comic relief was in it and we finally got to see edwards witty side. The special effects were perfect and chris is a genius. Oh and the music was awesome and well placed throughout the movie. I overall LOVED LOVED LOVED it and am going to see it 20 more times in the theaters lol.

    Did anybody notice some of the lines and scenes in the previews that werent in the movie or that were said a different way? I know that happens but i found myself saying "hey i thought....".

  19. I saw it last night after lining up to be first in line in Vancouver for 11hrs haha wow such a twihard! and guess who was there.. one of the producers!! It was amazing! He gave a speach about how amazing the movie is and how Eclipse is going to be even better and that if we all go see it and tweet and blog enough about it they will get the go ahead to make BREAKING DAWN! he said that they want to make in Vancouver or the couve as me and my friends all call our hometown now thanks to KStew haha and that if #s are high enough they will do it! He said Breaking Dawn is going to be the hugest project they have ever done and that they need lots of support to make it so lets all be good twihards and give it all we got! I was thinking of doing a double feature today! is 3 times in 24hrs to many? I think not




    Havent done an acrostic poem in a while.
    Wow. im literally paralyzed...insane..shocked..



  23. I saw NM today and it was amazing!!!!!!!! The end was something unexpected!! I read the script and when I saw that I was like nooo wayyy haha everyone was clapping and screaming! It was insane!! haha Every visual effect was incredible and I have to say that this movie was beyong my expectations! I want Chris for Breaking Dawn!! I really hope Summit understand our devotion for this saga and get it to the end!!! We have to let our voices notice and send them the message!!!

  24. I'm a TwilightMom and just got back from seeing New Moon with my daughter..was great!! I wish I had not seen the trailers before hand though..definitely will not prior to Eclipse..Going to see New Moon again Sunday with a friend..looking forward to June 2010 :-)

  25. Loved it so much. I wish some of the instrumental from Twilight was in NM. I loved those songs...

  26. Hi, we had a Twilight night the 18th november, a screening of Twilight and NEW MOON!! It was awesome!
    4 hours of twilight saga at the big screen!
    It was a great feeling that we were the first to see New Moon (a long with France ofcourse). So while there was nothing on the blogs, we had already seen it!! We had no stars ofcourse, but that can't take away the great time we had (and a very awesome poster of New Moon which said: i was @ twilight night on the 18th november in Kinepolis!

  27. Hope I am included in the kickass readers you hung with! ;-) So great to meet you wonderful ladies and share the cupcakes! Oh yes, and the beautiful Cullen men too.


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