November 2, 2009

Harpers Bazaar "Twifecta" Cover?!

Harpers Bazaar have been dropping some hints via Twitter that their December issue might also feature Rob, Kris and/or Taylor...

Rumour is at the moment that it's Rob and Kristen - keep your Tweets peeled Wednesday morning!

- Lorabell :D


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  2. Magazine sales are going to be through the roof this month with all of this NM related covers.

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  4. [rubs hands greedily together] these magazines are ALL i want for christmas!!! and it will come early this year - yay! oh santa, PLEASE let there be some awesome pics of both of them - i have been SUCH a good girl this year! uh, or, um, ok, maybe i haven't been that good, but being really bad has got to count for something, right?? right?! oh man i am in trouble...

    : )

  5. uh, it better be robsten. im getting sick of taylor being forcefully shoved down my throat.

  6. Taylor will not be in's only Rob and Kristen. I agree with the poster above...I've really had enough of scummit forcing TL down my throat. Also, I will not be buying Vanity Fair because of their obvious attempt to smear Rob...he's drunk, dirty, paranoid, and a weirdo?! I'm sure the mag will sell out but I will not support such a negative campaign against Rob. I've downloaded the pics and that's all I care about. Shame on you VF and your tabloid journalism.


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