November 23, 2009

Finally - Rob, Kristen and Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel :)

Anna, you are a LEGEND!!!

- Lorabell


  1. This is sooo adorable! They are... beyond words. Simply amazing. Haha, and this was very funny. That guy at the end made my eyebrows raise rather than crack me up, but I loved Kristen's response to his marriage proposal. xD

  2. That was so funny. The poor girl who called Taylor, Tyler. She must have felt so stupid. I feel bad for her. But what a dumb question "Can I have your shirt." Other than that this was a really funny interview. They should interview together more often.

  3. I saw this that night and it was soooo cute ^.^ This is one of my favorite interviews, I love having all three of them together ;) It was so funny, love it ^.^

  4. I thought this was a fun interview. I found it interesting that Rob seems so much more at ease when he does group interviews rather than when he's alone. And conversely, it seems like Taylor is a little more quiet in a group than when he's alone.

  5. This is by far my favorite interview EVER! Robs story about his cold was hillarious. He is so adorable!

    @a random chic- I agree 100%. Rob looks at Kristen alot when he gets uncomfortable. Like a security blanket. It's cute. Yeah, and Taylor is a bit more self containes then the other two.

  6. I loved how at the very end, the guy that asked Kristen to marry him starts to chase her and she runs away lol

  7. Love this interview - best one ever. They are all funny and seem relaxed. I love the Rob buttons question..he SO knows..or at least his subconsious does.

  8. Thanks Lorabell- hadn't seen this!! Like all of them together. Ghirmo (spelling?) is so funny on all the shows:)) Loved his NM shirt. LOL. Rob is such a typical guy- "We were prepped on the scene, We were?" they should of asked him the date the movies comes out- he probably would have looked at Kristen and let her answer. LOL

  9. OH.. and the Troy dude was genuinely creepy, like I was afriad of him lol

  10. Well, this is great BUT it's way better on Hulu. No offence. It's the whole episode and comes in HD too.
    Jimmy Kimmel Hulu:

    a side note... other interviews not yet posted.
    Taylor on Jimmy Fallon:
    Taylor on Leno:
    Kellan on Leno:
    Rob on Letterman:
    I'm kind of wondering why Rob wasn't on Fallon, it could have been so hilarious with his "Bothered" skits! (if you don't know what I'm talking about: )

    Anyway, there you go...
    AND! Ashley is on Letterman tonight and Taylor on Connan... he's showing some of Taylor's old martial arts clips (plus talking about the grapes game) xP

    Also, for those who haven't seen the trailer for Anna Kendrick's new film Up In the Air with George Clooney, I advise you to see it. She's becoming quite an astounding actress (in fact, I think she stole the scenes she was in in New Moon)

    ENJOY! :)

  11. Thanks for posting this, I was grinnin' ear to ear over Rob the whole time! So fun to see them, they are all so witty.
    I definitely think Rob and Kristin are an item, they try to hide it but you can just tell. Damn that girl! ;)

  12. whaha xD Kristen is so funny with that fat guy xD

  13. loved the guy at the end haha :D

  14. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  15. at the end did you noticed that kristen and rob are waving at the same time.but exact the same time thats nice:D

  16. A few things struck me as intersting about this interview:

    -Taylor stays mum until Kstew pushes him to speak.
    -Rob and Kstew have a weird, cute synchronized thing going with the way they cross their legs, bend down to laugh and even wave their hands.. Same hand, same timing...same duration.
    -Rob looks at Kstew A LOT! When she's answering the question about New Moon being her favorite book, Rob looks down at her legs, peeks across and sees Taylor also looking at her legs. Taylor's head snaps back then they exchange a very Edward/Jacob look behind her back... Then the damn camera
    zooms on Kristen only. I predict a real Rob, Kristen and Rob love triangle (or gossip of one) by the time June gets here... TRUST. I've heard enough clues from their interviews to at least support an OK Magazine cover.
    -Lastly, Both Kstew and Taylor feel very comfortable with the touching... Look at them after they show his dancing video. At the end of the interview he scoots closer to her. That Eclipse kiss had to have been SOMETHING!

  17. I meant to say a ROB, KRISTEN and TAYLOR love triangle.


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