November 3, 2009

Epic find on my way home...

Click for bigger(Behind that chap on the left is a huge screen showing the trailer)

After a long day at work, I was making my way home and came a WHOLE EFFING WALL OF NEW MOON Oxford Circus tube station!

Seriously - it was so big, I couldn't get the whole thing in shot! *snicker*

- Lorabell :D


  1. That is amazing! wish i saw stuff like that in the US... :( I've been seeing New Moon trailers all over the TV though! I scream and make my mom come and watch. thank god for DVR hehe :D

  2. LOL @ STY, hilarious! I'm seriously hoping that after you snapped this photo you went and accosted that whole display. To hell with the germs, it's NM!!

  3. I may just have to catch the train down to London to see this....

    Nay, I must! Omfg... it's so close now!

  4. SO jealous of your life right now!! ;)

  5. More and more promo's in the US everyday, boy are they pushing the franchise on these movies. Can't wait a couple more weeks:))

  6. Hey! i live in london too and i saw the same poster you saw in tottenham ct station in Euston tube station! so excited! and also the first bus ad along Tottenham Court Road!!! *drool* i swear some girl (lol me too...) nearly passed out when she walked past edward's pin-board- sized face
    so excited!

  7. OMG - I'm catching the train from Milton Keynes right now...


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