November 2, 2009

Do Your Grandparents Disapprove Of Rob?!

Thanks to BabyBells who emailed in photos of what her Grandpa thinks of Rob - this made me chuckle:

My grandparents recently stayed in my room which is a mini-Twilight haven for me, and I have two pics of Robert on my ceiling (embarassing, but yes, it's true).

After they left, I went into my room to put some stuff back when I looked up at my ceiling. My grandpa had written out a list for Robert. :)

Lol, the fact that these are on the ceiling just make it just much better :D

Oh, Grandpa... I'll see your list and I'll raise you Smiley/Suited Rob - but stay away from the hair!

Thanks MissSoCal28 for the pic ;)

- Lorabell


  1. funny! At least they are looking out for their grandkid

  2. Aww so cute, but yeah stay away from the hair HeHe ;)

  3. OMG! That is hilarious! He doesn't get it though, does he girls? :-)

  4. oh and by the way...Rob called you that night they slept over and the grandparents answered the phone..talked to him, called him a pervert and then hung up on him thinking they were doing you a huge favor! HA HA...sorry this just reminded me of "Sixteen Candles"

  5. This is hilarious, this is exactly the kind of cool grandparent I'd hope to be somewhere down the road ... in the distant, distant, distant future ...


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