November 15, 2009

Did you see Stephenie on Oprah?

Update: ;)

Click to play

In case your DVR failed, here are a couple of tasters care of Oprah :)

- Lorabell

P.s. On a side note, I'm still blogging from Dublin - the New Moon event with Solomon is tomorrow and I'm super excited!
Apparently he wants to put me in a head-lock... I'll let you know how that goes - I'm thinking I can take him.
Come on down and say hi if you're in the Dublin/Ireland/Europe or other area :)


  1. I did...I watched because it kept saying, "Will there be a 5th book?" then nothing :( I read later on a site that it was said, "not at this time" so I guess we all have to wait and see for one day :)

  2. Lorabell! I was there!!!!! My sister and I went and got to meet Stephenie afterwards and the best part was that the Oprah audience got to see a special screening of New Moon the night before. It was AWESOME!!!!!! Please check out all the deets at my blog -

  3. no, i didnt, but i prefer Kristen Stewart..

  4. Yeah I waited for her to mention Midnight Sun, and was SO disappointed when she didn't. I don't think she realizes the torture she is causing her fans who are anxiously awaiting this book. I realize that she's ticked off about what happened with it, but really, we ARE trying to be patient and it's difficult.

  5. I did- good interview- The info was nothing new,but it was nice to hear from her own voice. Only a few more days, my town is having a special early premiere of NM for residents of the town. can't wait. Hard to believe I have been coming to this site since last april and the time has arrived.

  6. @Isabella: Wowza - jealous!
    - Lorabell ;)

  7. LOL, I am jealous, too Isabella! 4 more days! So exciting! And I have my husband going with me to see it on Friday! Squeeeeeeeeeee! :)

  8. Heidi - I'm jealous that your husband is going with you to see it....mine leaves the room anytime anything remotely related to Twilight comes up. LOL

  9. Kathy - she does mention Midnight Sun at the end of the second "extra" clip ( Check it out...and go Team Stephenie's Mom!

  10. So...I really disliked how they teased about the "5th book" on Oprah and didn't follow through, sad face...

    But, from that clip at least she says she did envision it as a longer series and that she knows exactly what else happens **fingers crossed**


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