November 9, 2009

Christian Serratos NAKED!

Click for beautiful!
OK, not quite - but she would rather go naked than wear fur for PETA and looks crazy hawt - good on you, Christian!

Find out more about Twilight's
Christian Serrato at

Thanks Ellie :)

- Lorabell


  1. I love that she is doing something for a good cause even though I have a real love/hate relationship with PETA.

    I get the whole Twilight theme associated with her ad campaign which is suited for recognizability.

    I still can't believe she is only 19 - I always think she is so much older, maybe its the makeup.

  2. I agree it's great she's doing something but I don't like PETA...I really don't like them but I too would rather go naked then to wear fur

  3. I have slight issue with this. None of those fancy shoes she wears all the time are made of leather either, right?

  4. I absolutely love that shes all about PETA, and I do love the whole "rather be naked then wear fur" idea. However, I don't think she needed to strip down and pose. What do her parents think? Her life is her life, shes old enough now.. But if I were in her shoes, I would not have done that.

    Aside from that, she looks beautiful as always, lol!

  5. Just saying- I've seen her in person and those are NOT her boobs or her butt!

  6. You might want to put up a warning about the whole killing of animals in this vid. *So did not want to see this*

  7. dayum! sex kitten fo sho. love it, super hot ad with a great message. good for you, christian! :)

  8. I have seen her in person too and those are definitely her boobs and butt. Baby girl just been worken on her fitness


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