November 12, 2009

Chris gets cuddly with cast - New Moon in Madrid

Update: I can not explain what's going on here... but it is sooo worth the update :D via TwiFans

Click for cuddles and killer heels
Check out that bromance, lol - what's that about?

I pretty much want all of Kristen's shoes at this point!

Perhaps Chris was missing the safety blanket of his super special golden trousers from the other day... just a thought ;)

I've heard there's a video of the press conference too, which I'll update here when I find it!

Pics via Radar

- Lorabell

Update: Here's a couple of videos from Madrid - enjoy:


  1. Robsessed has the videos:

    And damn, aren't they all so cute! And notice how Kristen always leans into Rob... ahahahah ;)

  2. Yes I did notice the lean and you'll see a little more of it in the videos you mentioned. But of course they are just friends ...

  3. I love these, so cute :) The first one is so funny ^.^ I wonder what the heck he was doing? LoL :D

  4. "You get to go out with girls like Kristen Stewart."

    Anyone catch how cute that was?
    Oh gosh. Rob I love you (:


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