November 6, 2009

Billy, Kellan & Nikki answer more MTV fan questions

Cute clip from MTV! Here is an excerpt, but watch the clip:
Nikki Reed

Q: What is the craziest thing you were dared to do, and then actually did?

Reid: A year and a half ago, right before we shot "Twilight," a friend of mine said, "You don't know the value of money." And I was like, "OK, well, I grew up really poor, and in fact, I definitely know the value of money." Their argument was that I had never worked a minimum-wage job and I could in no way relate to a huge portion of the country. So I moved out of my house about a year and a half ago. I put everything I had up on Craigslist for free, and I moved to this little [Hawaiian] island called Kauai and worked in a clothing store. I didn't answer the phone to any of my agents and made 9 dollars an hour.

MTV: Wow! Did any of the customers recognize you?

Reid: In fact, someone came in one day and was like, "You look like that girl from 'Lords of Dogtown,' except she's a lot prettier than you." And I was like, "That's me! I had hair and makeup [people] then. Sorry!" People would drop their drinks, [and I'd do the] mopping. I was carrying and lifting boxes, calling my mom, like, "I can't do this!" And she was like, "Well, the rest of us have done it!" I was like, "OK, then I can do it — but I just wanna go home!" But I did it. And then I went and shot "Twilight."


  1. OMG - she lived in Kauai. I would love to live there but umm, I have bills and I don't think the federal government or my fellow tax payers would appreciate me defaulting on my student loans.

  2. Um... MTV totes spelt her name wrong - whoops!
    - Lorabell ;)


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