November 30, 2009

Back in the U of K... this is what happens when I leave the country?!

I'm away for two weeks and this is what I come back to London to find?!

... It's not like I can claim even ONE of those smooches is mine ;)

Thanks Shraddha!

- Lorabell *cringes from germs!*

P.s. I was a very bouncy and lucky bunny that got to go to the New Moon fan event in London - please let me know what you think of my review here :)


  1. Those smooches look too big for it to be a tube poster.
    Where was this?

  2. @Alycya: It was the mahoosive one at Oxford Circus - sadly it's been postered over :(

  3. This happened in Glasgow with Twilight. It was basically none of his face. I would say there was about 300 kiss marks.

  4. maybe the majority of us twilight fans in london have bee sting lips :)

  5. Ick gross!!!! OMG, why would anyone wanna kiss anything on the wall of a tube station, even if it is Edward??!!!
    AND to tarnish such a beautiful face just before it gets postered over pffft! Deary me! :P

  6. AHahah I saw this in Oxford Circus too and couldn't stop laughing even if I was on my own. Classic :)


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