November 3, 2009

Fantastico: Awesome New KStew & Taylor Interview from Mexico for Brazilian Show

Really love listening to KStew's answers...She looks great! Domitila shares that this interview is for a Brazilian tv show called Fantástico.

Source: Lion&Lamb LJ


  1. Great find, you guys!

    But that interview is from a tv show called Fantástico and it´s from NM promo in Brasil ;)

  2. This is why I love the Twilight cast, so sweet ^.^ I wish they didn't feel all this pressure, but it is really sweet that they care so much to try to make the fans happy :) Thanks guys :)

  3. Kristen is adorable and got to love the growing facial hair on Tyler haha wat a cutey

  4. kristen looks so happy for once :D im glad!
    but she makes me laugh how enthusiastic she is about her answers i love her !!!:))))

  5. I really hope we like the second one better too, Kristen. Really really.


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