November 7, 2009

Another Schmexy Shiny Volvo Ad!

As well as the first Volvo commerical there's now this one for the "What Drives Edward" competition (which apparently is really complicated to enter)!

Thanks Lynda :)

- Lorabell


  1. The "What Drives Edward" phases I hate to admit are a tad bit complicated. It's just too much work for a sweepstakes - the first person to complete wins the Volvo. I'm lazy and easily distracted so I'm tiring of this game and there are still 4 more phases to go.

  2. the phases are time consuming and the fact that you have to wait a couple days in between them is annoying. i know there's no chance in hell i'll be the first to get done.

  3. Now that's how you sell a car *wink wink* ;)


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