October 13, 2009

Wow, I'm really glad Bella didn't wear that!

Update: Hey guys - someone brought it to my attention that these pics were actually stolen from Catherine Hardwickes personal email account.
I always try and post what I think people would like to see and I just don't know whether people really want to see pics that were hacked from someone so nice and who we all admire - I hope you agree :)

I recognize this outfitt - glad the mittens are making a come back for New Moon :)

... though it always really borthers me that she doesn't wear a blue shirt to Port Angeles :/

Thanks KStewartFans

- Lorabell


  1. there are sooo many levels on which these outfits confuse me.


  2. can anybody plz tell me why in every pic that she's in; she allways looks like "let this be over !!"... .
    i realy can remember only a handful of pic's were she is actualy smiling...
    p.s- sorry about my gramer and spelling... :)))

  3. what are these pics from? is she trying on costume ideas for Bella? The last one is my fav. Looks like something I would wear. :)

  4. I'd just like to know WHERE to get the mittens! They look warm and I've looked all weekend (seriously) for a pair -- with no luck!


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