October 27, 2009

Wolfpack Poster Removed from South Wales Cinema for being Homoerotic

Does this get your blood boiling?

TwiGuy Joel has brought me out of my TwiFunk. I'm guessing nobody's really noticed, but I've been MIA from blogging for the past few weeks (so lucky to have Lorabell keeping us afloat!).

Joel reports that his local movie theater, the Vue Cinema in Cwmbran, South Wales, has removed the above wolfpack poster for being too homoerotic.

When Joel spoke to his buddy who works for the theater, he learned that the poster was indeed replaced for that reason. Um, interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Just sayin', Mr. Vue Cinema owner!


Thanks for the giggles, Joel.


  1. I hope you can stay out of your TwiFunk.

    In the words of "Grey's Anatomy" - Seriously! Seriously!

  2. WOW. Can we "remove" the theater for being homophobic? Losers.

  3. *WAVES* Hiiiiiii! :)
    So glad you've got your Twi-jo back - we missed you!
    - Lorabell xxx

  4. How about just plain ol' "erotic" - lol!

    And of COURSE you were missed! Thankfully Lorabell has been feeding us a steady diet of twicrack...

    : )

  5. WTF!! Guess some of civilizations are just not civilized enough. Makes me sad - still living in a prejudice world.
    TCA you were missed very much- I just was asking Lorabell if you retired! She said some were wondering if Mr. TCA had you sent to Twi-rehab- thought that was hysterical. Glad your back and back in the saddle- Lorabell has done a great job of keeping the our inner beasts fed!!

  6. first off - I totally noticed you were gone TCA!! I posted on the live feed twice asking where you were :)

    second of all - that's REDICULOUS that they would remove a poster for being "homo-erotic". Heterosexual relationships in movies and on movie posters lately have been borderlining on soft-core porn....outrageous

  7. I have been saying to myself where is TCA??? I went through a funk too, totally understand reality gets in the way like it should..... Miss ya, glad to see you posting!

  8. I missed you so much. I feel like your representing those of use who aren't out of the twi-closet yet. Lorabell was great but she is brave and out. Lol!!

  9. Homoerotic, WTF?! If that's the case, then the theatre should remove just about every poster they have hanging except "Where the Wild Things Are". I mean movie posters are supposed to be sexy anyway, and who says homo applies only to men? Are they removing posters with Angelina Jolie? NO. How about Megan Fox? NO. Sheesh, give our Wolfpack the respect they deserve! Now, showing the pack without their jorts on, that's another matter entirely which btw I would love to see! Missed you TCA, glad you're back up on the horse. Lorabell, you are awesome too!

  10. I hate to tell that theatre owner/manager....a straight guy looks at that and goes... "what's with the 1/2 naked dudes? Oh well, it's a chick flick...hey is there a 1/2 nake poster of Nikki Reed around here?"......someone who is firmly in the closet goes "yum!....I mean nasty, what's with the naked guys, that's homoerotic, let's take it down to protect other's from this influence...yeah that's it."

  11. I noticed! And I was so wanting to email & see what was going on. Don't ever do that again!! Lorabell does a great job & all but I love hearing from you too. :)

    This is Kim from CBA.


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