October 23, 2009

Win NM Premiere Tickets and Your Own Shiny Volvo!

Volvo is running competitions to win two tickets to the New Moon Premiere and a VolvoXC60 - the same Edward drives in New Moon... even though it's family sized and not silver!

Click here for deets and good luck :)

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. WOOT WOOT! I just entered. I'd rather have the Volvo than the tickets....does that make me a bad TwiCrack addict?!

  2. I signed up. I actually just kind of want the car, which is twisted because, um, I don't even drive. I'm the only person in NJ who willingly doesn't drive. But I still want that car. I'll give it to the faux-hubby.

  3. It's a hoax guys! Don't sign up!

    ...Just kidding, I just really want to win!

  4. I rather have the car to, but I don't want to work so hard - solving puzzles, going through 6 phases. I'm lazy, just let me give you my email address and then do a raffle and give me my car.

  5. I want this car, too!! But I DON'T want it to be Edward's car - lol! Sheesh - talk about lame product placement - they could have given him something a little more sexy to drive (not to mention the lack of silver - ugh!).

    : )

  6. I just signed up! Can't wait for it to start! Oh, and am I the only one that would like to win the tickets to the premiere?


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