October 16, 2009

WHOOP WHOOP - Nov 19th NM Event in NYC!

TwiMoms are hosting a New Moon showing in NYC for Alex's Lemonade!

Their event includes a showing of New Moon Thursday night at 8:30 (yes, you read that correctly Thursday night), a swag bag and a raffle for great Twilight goodies. If you live in the area this is definitely the party to be at!

All proceeds from this event will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. (Yay!!! I love all the attention ALSF is getting through these events!)

Get more info here.

Come see New Moon fricking EARLY with some TwiCrackAddicts as well as some Twitards :D

Thank you EdwardCullen.net

- Lorabell *SQUEEE!*


  1. *Sigh* As if I needed another totally frickin' amazing reason why I should live in NYC??!! :P x

  2. We still (just) get it earlier here in Oz at our midnight screening.
    Sounds like an awesome event though, have fun!!

  3. Salt Lake City is having one also. Nov 19th and 20th. Lots of vendors and exciting games and prizes. Check it out in Utah.

  4. I'm so jealous! Lorabell - you're in the UK right? Do you know of any New Moon parties here? I'm in Be-right-on but considering getting Eurostar tickets for the 10th November...

    love the blog & glad you got your moving bed-kiss picture back *swoon*

    "a nice cup of tea and a slice of Twilight"

  5. Ahhhhhh!!!! We are going too!!!!! Hope to see you all there! Send us a comment at http://twi-star.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-moon-in-nyc.html or email us at twilight-star@live.com! We would love to meet up with everyone!!! Super exciting so glad its going to charity! See you all there xoxo!

  6. @MySharona: All I know of is the launch event on the 11th. I'm wondering whether the Paris premiere will be dubbed in French?
    And I'm so happy to have the bed gif back to *phew*
    - Lorabell
    P.s. LOL "B-right-ON"!

  7. I am SOOOO excited about this that I don't think I've gotten a lick of work done since yesterday!!! JJ experineced a similar severe lack of worker-bee motivation today. Oh eff it - it's the weekend!!! only 34 more days!!! I may keel over by then. From a movie release. Who knew???

  8. @MySharona: I just thought, there's a private screening at the mahoosive o2 in London the following weekend - I have a spare ticket if you know anyone who'd want one?
    - Lorabell



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