November 1, 2009

While KStew and Taylor fly South...

Arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil where apparently the crowds were crazy :(

Kristen and Taylor even waited over an hour in hopes that things would calm down - there is a video but I don't think I want to watch it and am reluctant to post...

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. It was awful , I wasn´t there but I saw the video and the people were really disrespectful but I wanted to say that not all brazilian fans are like that , I´m Brazilian and I would never do that and I know a lot of other Twilight fans that are 'normal' ...

    Anyway , I´m really ashamed by how thing went on the airport and I hope K and T weren´t too scared of brazilians =(

  2. This is like Beatle mania. Every decade the fan folks find something to latch onto. It's scary but I guess its the norm, we just have more technology to help with the craziness.

  3. this is ridiculous and very disrespectful. i'm brazilian and, sad but true, i knew that it was going to be like this, and that's why i don't want Rob here, i love him very much, but he would be eaten alive.

  4. I'm Brazilian too, and can you guys answer this? Is that any different from anywhere in the world? Has anyone seen what people here in the US have done to Rob on the streets? Stop apologizing, would you?

  5. Adriana the thing is yes we have seen what ppl did to Rob in NYC and these people should be ashame of themselves. But usually things are a lil better for Kristen and Taylor. Its not about being from Brazil or not... its just respect. People worldwide need to stop that otherwise theyll never get quality time with the stars. I was lucky to meet them while they shot New Moon! I dont think I could meet them now. People scare them wherever they go and it sucks

  6. Babyfrenchie, but I don't disagree with you. I just couldn't understand why Brazilians and Brazil became such a big deal, to the point that the video wasn't even posted . Maybe I'm too cranky today, God knows...;)


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