October 19, 2009

What went down at the Scream Awards

Special thanks to Elena for emailing in her account of the Spike Scream Awards in LA!

Taylor - who beat Rob for the "Best Break Out Star" award - is pictured presenting the exclusive New Moon footage, which was apparently:

It surprisingly was new, it had to do with the wolf pack. It showed the process of creating the wolves on computers & showed the complete transformations from human to wolf on screen. It looked as if they edited the wolves to be more realistic on screen since the first trailer. Overall, it was good new footage!

Check out pics mini-clips via Just Jared Jnr:

Twilight also won Best Fantasy Movie; Kristen won Best Fantasy Actor, Female; and Rob won Best Fantasy Actor, Male - he plays the lead in my fantasies regularly ;)

Thanks also to Raggs, Lynda and Deb

- Lorabell


  1. Oh, I can't wait for "the voice." Goodness Chaske's voice is ridiculous.

  2. OK I'm going to be a bitch here, but how does Taylor get the breakthrough performance award when we barely saw him in Twilight??? Was he even in the movie for 15 minutes??

    Personally I would perfer to resevre judgement on his acting ability until after Nov 20 and see how he does with the role of Jacob.

  3. I'm so happy the movie and the three of them got an award :) That's awesome, they deserve it :) I was a little worried...when I was voting, I saw a lot of the people voting other ways and talking bad :( So I'm glad they showed them ;)

  4. I agree with Wen.. but whatever. He beat out Rob, and that's what most of the blogs are concentrating on, NOT that Rob and Kristen BEST Fantasy actor.

  5. I was there last night. They skipped announcing the nominees in the categories Ashley, Kristen, and Rob were nominated in and acted like they didn't even exist. Also, while showing the nominees for "Best Break Out Star", they took Rob out of the category... like he wasn't even nominated for that award. I doubt Taylor beat out Rob in that category. They just gave him that award because Rob wasn't there.

  6. Thanks Diana for clearing it up. It was kinda weird the whole set up.

  7. What?? Do award shows give the prize to someone else b/c they are not there? News to me- I think congrats need to be given to Taylor for all his hard work too.

  8. @Heidi Ho
    Again I ask what hard work?? He was in Twilight about 10 minute at most!
    Maybe he'll deserve the award next year after New Moon!!


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