October 9, 2009

Wet Taylor + Motorbike = Friday Fnar :D

Further Update: See even more care of Extra - thanks LolyPop82

(what's going on with his leg - seaweed much?!)

Update: Now I've had the chance to read the article, this shoot is rumoured to be for Rolling Stone!

Jeez, I love a guy on a bike!

Thanks LolyPop82 and Cynthia!

Via Just Jared Jnr

- Lorabell

NB: Fnar = Yummy!!!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! Seriously, was this a photoshoot?? If so, how did i NOT know about this!!! damn, he looks good. It almost looks like something out of New Moon!! Sexy!

  2. He looks good, but he just doesn't do it for me, not at all...maybe because he is so young. But also because I think he is just like every other Hollywood guy (and I mean this the nicest possible way) just like Kellan. That's one of the main reasons I like Jackson and especially Rob, they are just way more unique.

  3. I sooo agree #2..!

    I love ROB and Jackson.. They're not just a pretty face like other actors..!

  4. Thank you. My addiction has been satisfied for the entire week. :]

  5. Even though I do feel pervy he does look wonderful.

    Is this a photo in his role of Jacob - because he has the tat on, in these pics?

  6. WHOA!Hawt! *dies*
    Thanks TCA & Lorabell for making my morning.

  7. I noticed the tattoo also. I remember seeing a video were Alex was talking about how the wolfpack were considering actually getting the tattoo for real. I wonder if Taylor did?!

  8. Holy cannolis. He takes my breath away. Often.

    PS Dear TCA, I added your button to my blog :)

  9. Wow that last one of Jacob on the bike - o wow.

  10. Ridiculously YUM! He needs to turn 18 so I can quit feeling guilty for saying that!

  11. I love u taylor! for all u people commenting on this its kinda creepy that ur like older then him, where i'm only 2 yrs. younger than him. i don't have to feel guilty :D If u look at the first picture it looks like his leg vanished or something- weird. But he looks so freakin' hot on that motorcycle, woo! And for u lauren, i really hope he DOESN'T get a real tattoo. Like i said, i love u taylor! :)

  12. A beautiful young boy...but still that...a boy.
    Leave the lovin' to Rob...

  13. Wow.

    You know, his clothes are all wet.. he should really take them off! :D


    (Still Love Rob More Though!!)



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