October 29, 2009

Wait - you can get Jacksper pillow cases?!

Along with this mini-vid of some of the Twi-cast talking New Moon, MTV have an interview with Jacksper who talks Twi-cast, New Moon's Volturi, Eclipse's back-story and... merch!

MTV: Out of the new characters joining the franchise for “New Moon,” which is your favorite?

Jackson Rathbone: My favorite character in “New Moon” that wasn’t in “Twilight”? I guess my favorite character in “New Moon” is a collective — the Volturi. It’s one of those things that’s really nice to see, these decadent older vampires that run this vampire society, if you will. I think they’re an amazing group of actors that we were able to get for the film, and they are very scary and intimidating. They’re all perfect — I mean, Dakota Fanning is a terrifying Jane; absolutely terrifying.

MTV: You guys have all spent so much time together over the last few years. When the cameras stop rolling on set, what do you guys talk about?

Rathbone: Between takes? We just kinda talk about regular things, you know. We’re all normal people — we’re not vampires in real life. Between takes, we’re talking about music we like or what we plan to do once the filming is done. I always bring my guitar with me, and my harmonica, and Nikki Reed, Rob and Kristen, and a lot of the cast are very musically inclined. So, a lot of times we’ll just be jamming between takes, to blow off some of the emotional intensity and have a little fun.

MTV: As the “Saga” moves along, do you feel more or less like your character?

Rathbone: More or less like Jasper? You know, I honestly think, it’s more of a Jasper I imagined coming into the first “Twilight.” Mainly because I’m able to show my backstory in “Eclipse,” where people get to see what really drives Jasper in “Twilight,” which you don’t really understand. This character, he’s always in pain, and [people ask], “Why?” and, “What is his reasoning?” He’s had a really dark past, and it follows him around. So, it was really nice to be able to get into those moments, so that explains and informs the way I’ve been performing through “Twilight” and “New Moon.”

MTV: There is so much “Twilight” merch out there now. Do you own any in real life?

Rathbone: Any “Twilight” merchandise in real life? I’ve not [purchased any]. However, my bandmate Ben Graupner bought a Jasper pillowcase with my face on it. I had to ritualistically burn it, because it was scaring me.

Via Jackson Rathbone Online

- Lorabell


  1. I know! Jasper AND Jackson are both my favorites, so I'd kill for some Jacksper action on my pillow!!

    Upon further searching, found this... it's not the same. Looks like we have to settle for iron on. MAN why don't the Twi-Merch people give Jasper some love!

  2. what did that have to do with pillowcases? did i miss something?

  3. I'll take the REAL thing on MY pillow!


  4. I Love him, he's so funny ^.^

    @Liza, read the last comment by Rathbone, he mentions the pillowcases :)

    @LovesJasper, don't we all ;) LoL

  5. " I had to ritualistically burn it, because it was scaring me."

    lol too funny!

  6. OMG! ritualistically burn it! LOL! he shouldnt have; i would've taken it!!

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