October 7, 2009

Uber Spoilerific Crack from the NM Companion

Whilst we were all dazzled by the stills, someone actually read the New Moon Illustrated Companion and found some great crack - here are some of my top picks - look away NOW:

Edward's apparition was seen as a "flame" moving elegantly and fluidly. Chris gravitated toward this because it was like Edward was carrying a torch for Bella.

For 90% of the film Rob appears in the same suit he wore at Bella's birthday party.

There is an original flashback to the meadow scene with changed "sparkle effect"

Edward arrives in Italy wearing the SAME suit he's worn for months. The pristine suit is now threadbare, the jacket is gone, his pants are dirty and his shoes are all scuffed up!

At one point Edward's head gets smashed on the marble floor and his vampire skin appears to crack, along with the floor. It seems Edward is done for, but his wound suddenly heals. Chris Weitz spoke with Stephenie and got her approval. Any ideas or questions always went through Stephenie since she has the whole mythology in her head. <-- oooh!!!

For more go Lion_Lamb - thanks Alycya

- Lorabell *eeek!*


  1. I'm looking forward to the changed sparkle effect!
    How Chris interpreted is exactly how I interpreted it when I read the books. The effect they used in Twilight was too sparkly for me.

  2. I second that *eek*! 43 days now!

  3. I think it is absolutely right to let him wear the same clothes for months again and again and seeing them finally threadbare... Edward was never less interested in clothes than at those times, when he was devastated because of his decision to leave Bella...
    I love everything that reaches over from irreal irreality "Chris Weitz-New Moon" to me....

  4. Team Jacob Black ( in the books..and of course i love Edward too =D&lt;33)October 7, 2009 at 11:41 PM

    Wow...i didnt read all of them...cause i shouldnt....*twitch twitch* cant *twitch* not read it or not see the scream awards!! TOOO MANY SPOILERS ALREADY * logs off computer cant see spoilers twitch**
    wow...that vampire skin thing must be AWESOME!!! and good think theyre doing the meadow scene over cause the 1st movie.. 1 didnt look like no vampire sparkles 2. he wouldnt really stand out in the crowd...he looks the same! 3 exactly wat i pictured in the book wat chris is doing

  5. Oh wow. I am diggin the behind the scenesy stuff. The only spoilers I'm not looking, er, listening to are the soundtrack stuffs. I just can't. The music is too important and I want to be surprised.

  6. I can't wait to see this movie!!! haha If you haven't read the script then don't do it haha but I guarantee you that it's pretty good and I don't think you'll feel disappointed! Chris did an amazing job! All the feeling is there! I love that man!!!

  7. Love the spoilers- not the same as seeing the final product all together- can't wait- I think it will be great!!

  8. I recognized that right off the bat. Edwards suit was the same through out the movie. I LOVE that Chris keeps him in the suit. It shows that from the day he leaves Bella he stops living. Poor Edward! Screw Jacob, Edwards always been who breaks my heart in New Moon.

  9. Got mine today too! Loved every word of it. Also loved that they are doing the Bella "gran" dream in the beginning...

  10. yeah, it's an a amazing idea to let him wear the same suit all the time but what I don't get is; why does he wear it when he breaks up with Bella? that's supposed to be right after school, and I'm sorry, but that's really too dressy for school.

  11. @kristen: i think he didn't go to school after bella's birthday.

    i've read all the spoilers. i was just wondering about the slow motion thing they used for vampire speed? i dont get it. sorry, can somebody explain it? please? tnx.


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