October 27, 2009

Twi-Today Show!

Rob, Kristen and Taylor are confirmed to be appearing on the Today show:
Stewart is scheduled for November 18, Pattinson is scheduled for November 19, and Lautner is scheduled for November 20, the day “New Moon” opens in theaters everywhere.
Do you think Kristen should wear more layers this time or stick with the his-n-hers leather?

Via GossipCop

- Lorabell :)


  1. Can't wait- They both look like they're freezing!! Rob give that girl some body heat- you sure have enough hottness to warm Kristen up!!

  2. I don't like the fact that they're not going to be together! I wanted to see them in the same show!! Ohh wells!

  3. Ismarie..I feel the same.. I would like to see the together not separately!!! Jesus,, why they are doing this, fgos!!!

  4. she looks so cute in this pic...i miss her long hair :(


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