October 24, 2009

Twi-Cast City Tour Announced!

Taylor's excited for the tour - are you?

Get your Bella dresses ready, your Cullen crests on and your ear-plugs in because the New Moon cast are going on a 15-city nationwide tour from November 6th through 19th.

Select cities (see below) will feature the soundtrack band performances and fans can also attend a Q&A with many of the movie’s cast members.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON cast tour will visit the following mall locations:
November 6 – Hollywood & Highland Center (Los Angeles, CA) *
November 8 – Park Meadows (Denver, CO)
November 9 – Natick Collection (Boston, MA) *
November 9 –Mall Location TBD – Check hottopic.com for update (Chicago, IL) *
November 9 – Fair Oaks Mall (Washington, DC)
November 10 – Houston Galleria (Houston, TX)
November 11 – Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN) *
November 11 – Cherry Hill Mall (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 11 – Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco, CA)
November 12 – Mall of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
November 12 – Westfield Southcenter (Seattle, WA) *
November 13 – Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
November 13 – Scottsdale Fashion Square (Phoenix, AZ)
November 14 – Fashion Place (Salt Lake City, UT) *
November 19 - Times Square (New York, NY)
*Denotes a performance by a band featured on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON soundtrack.

Go to Hot Topic and Nordstrom websites for more details!

Thanks Twilight Poison

- Lorabell :)

P.s. Just FYI, it appears you have to purchase a special tee when you arrive at the venue in order to qualify for a wrist band that you'll need for entry :/


  1. This is how I met Rob Pattinson last year!!! at hot topic in Boston... I'm away in Lake Placid this year of course!!!!! this sucks!!!!! Oh well def do it!!! AND GO REALLY REALLY early last year it told out at 10:00 pm the day before the tix actually went on sale!!!

  2. I wish they would give the details for the Hot Topic tour.. last year 500 ppl got passes... i wonder how many will this year!!

  3. wait i have to camp out? fudge buckets.

  4. Liza where are you from all us Twicrack addicts should try to meet up... I might be able to go now!!!

  5. Oh god, I want to go to the one in Time Square but it's going to be nuts. I can just tell.

  6. Hmm I think I might try to go to the DC one. Not far from me.

  7. Does anyone know if the Times Square location will be outdoors at TS? I checked both stores and neither had TS on their calander...thx

  8. That's awesome, if by "Chicago TBD" they mean "the middle of Illinois-2 hours south of Chicago that always gets the shaft on these tours, but has just as big of a fan base." I'm not bitter, I'm just sayin.' I'd love to see any of the bands on the soundtrack! Nary a dud on the thing=EPIC WIN! p.s. Kudos to New Moon and HT for having shirts that are made in the USA!!!

  9. Danielle i'm from houston. i would be up for a meet up of sorts. i can't do a camp out though. i've got my husband and daughter that i can't just abandon over night. also, i gave my husband grief when he wanted to camp out for shoes once. but he did promise me we would go to the convention when it comes in april. however they still aren't for sale yet. :(

  10. haha i'm goin to the boston one.. last time there were all sorts of ppl there is was cool to see the range of twi fans.. i'm volunteering at the twi conventions in boston and nj this year yay!!!!!

  11. Anyone here from San Francisco?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. okay so i ment to write was...

    im from oakland, basically right next to san fransisco!

    i sooo wanna go!

    but i dont know how this works.
    people are saying to camp out the day before?
    i cant do that! =/
    maybe be really early....how early though?
    i checked the nordstorm website and it says 75 vip passes will be sold, can you still get like regular passes? not vip and still be able to get in? to get a vip pass is like $75, i dont got that kind of money rigth now! xD

  14. to Jessy92- i think the VIP passes only gets fans to the Q&A things, i'm assuming the concert itself is free.

    also, is anyone going to the LA event?!!?!

  15. * also, for the NM promotion tour you're only suppose to buy a shirt to get the vip pass... the shirt cant be $75!!!! thats outrageous!

  16. which is better hot topic or nordstrom to go see the new moon cast


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