October 6, 2009

Think you're ready for Twil-loween?

If you're investing in the bouffant then don't forget the ultimate accessory - bar Edward himself *sigh* a girl can dream - click here, here or here to choose your Twi-o-lantern stencil!

Via Spunk Ransom

- Lorabell


  1. Hey got any other cool ideas for decorating the outside of my house giving a nod to Twilight for Halloween??

  2. These are actually kinda cool, but it'd prob never turn out that good if I attempted it...even with the stencils, lol!

  3. I could never do that. Even with the proper pumpkin carving kit and stencil, I'd manage to mutilate poor Bella or somthing. I'm a pathetic pumpkin carver. LOL!

  4. I do these (not Twilight but the stencils sold in stores) every year and they're not that hard and turn out great!! I'm definitely doing Edward! (hahaha at that last sentence!!)


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