October 29, 2009

Schmexy Shiny Volvo Owner - Twilight/New Moon Car Ad!

At first, I seriously thought this was a fan-made trailer!

Via RPLife

Thanks LolyPop82 :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I *love* the way Bella's face lights up when Edward's walking over :D too perfect!

Thanks HisGoldenEyes


  1. Ohhhh soo niceee!!! I want a Volvo with Edward Cullen included pleaseeee no matter if is gray or black or yellowww...I love the parking scene!!! That kiss is amazing! OOoohh man I can't wait for New Moon! Thank God I took the day off work to see the movie like 2 times the same day haha

  2. WOW that is 2 kissing scenes from New Moon I got to see today for the first time--the parking lot in this and the extended birthday kiss. Thank you!!!!

  3. THAT WALK! DAMN! He is so freaking HOT! I love that little kiss and almost fell out of my chair watching it happen. EDWARD CULLEN SO HOT WANT TO TOUCH THE HINNY!

  4. Who wouldn't light up seeing that gorgeous piece of man walking towards them? Actually, I'd do more than light up I do believe. Btw, THAT'S how a sexy, confident, vampire walks. None of that slinking away crap from the first movie.

  5. Seriously y'all, my head is going to explode from the anticipation!

  6. WoW, @Mrhappyluver I so agree with you LoL ;) I would light too hehe ^.^ Now that's a way to sell a car LoL ;)

  7. thanks for creating the gif file, because for the most part, by the time i get to the vid, its already been taken down! so thanks again!


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