October 10, 2009

Smiley Taylor Snapped at Swift Show

A fan emailed snaps into NewMoonMovie of Taylor "I'm-too-buff-to-only-be-legal-in-Georgia" Lautner.

He was spotted at his Valentine's Day cast-mate, Taylor Swift's concert in Chicago last night looking especially smiley :)

- Lorabell

Update: I spotted this video over at TwiFans - she gives him the cutest hug at the end - awww!


  1. Taylor "I'm-too-buff-to-only-be-legal-in-Georgia" Lautner
    hahahaha you make me laugh xD

    he looks gorgeous, as per usual ;)

  2. Yes Taylor, please start a romance to take the heat (well, some of it) away from Rob & Kristen.

  3. @ Lorabell, so funny LoL :D

    He's so cute as always :)

  4. im soo using that line someday :-) he is too hot , makes me wish i was 17 again , nice to see he supports his friends ... or something else * wink ,wink * J/k i dont think there dating she's a little old for him

  5. http://www.oceanup.com/photogallery?nid=7388&fid=23330

  6. Let the Taylor/Taylor rumors begins.....lol.

  7. haha i agree. he's too buff and too darn hott to not be legal yet!! and I've had my suspicions about Taylor & Taylor since the VMAs... but i'm not one to start rumors so I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

    and to Sarah- T. Swift isn't that much older that T. Lautner.. whats 2 years?! even if he's not "legal"...lol


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