October 13, 2009

RPattz is the new JohnnyD - can't I have both?!

People have compiled their list of Hot Guys and Rob takes the crown as HeartThrob from the one and only Johnny Depp - even though I still majorly heart JD... I'm happy to share ;)


Johnny Depp made girls swoon on 21 Jump Street, but the actor went on to downplay his pretty boy looks by taking on chameleon-like roles, including playing a suburban curiosity in Edward Scissorhands and a transvestite director in Ed Wood.


Like Depp, Robert Pattinson has sharp cheekbones, that (<-- God yes that hair!) oh hair and a blockbuster movie franchise in Twilight. While the British actor has gained mass appeal playing brooding vampire Edward Cullen, he continues to go against type with quirky indies like How to Be and the Salvador Dalí biopic Little Ashes.

Thanks ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. oh it's so hard to choose isn't it. I've often thought it's impossible to choose between Jason Patric in the lost boys and Rob Pattinson in Twilight. So, while hungover last week i explored this properly...


    Lorabell, i may be waaaay behind the times here so apologies if so, but have you seen this month's Empire magazine?

    talks all about New Moon being way more masculine and fighty (so exciting!!)

    love the blog!

    mysharona xx

  2. I saw this article on Esquire.com that's SO STUPID. The guy's saying Edward's gay?!?!!

    Rob and Johnny are two of the hottest, most MANLY men of all time. RETARDED.


    TEAM EDWARD <3 <3 <3

  3. THUD.

    You are trying to kill me here. BOTH OF THEM IN THE SAME POST! swoon!

    I would run butt naked across the field during the Superbowl if it meant I could have ONE of them!! LMAO!

  4. Love 'em both! Sign me up for a Johnny/Robert sandwich, please!

    How old Johnny? (Showing my age here) I lOVED 21 Jumpstreet! Never missed it! (And I was crushed when Johnny was killed by Freddy Kruger in the original "Nightmare on Elm Street")

  5. I love them both ;)

    @Jennifer, that's too funny LoL :D

  6. No no no! Rob Rob Rob! No way no comparison at all! I'm mad haha

  7. love them both- JD will always be my fav- just cuz when I was growing up he was my hearthrob:)) Now I'm older and love Rob, but can't wrap my mind around the age difference. Ahh who cares he's still hotttt!!


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