October 20, 2009

RPattz High School... No - Really!

This is an ACTUAL school whose ACTUAL name is ACTUALLY Robert Pattinson High School - and has been since at least 1992!

What's worse is, it's only about an hour from my home town and I never knew - I would've aced classes in sex hair, jawesomeness and adorkability - GAH!

Thanks NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell

P.s. 10 sparkle points to Jess for pointing out their slogan should be "we matriculate a lot" - I love it when Rob matriculates ;)


  1. Funny I knew that, he said once something like if you google his name what you get is a school in England hahaha. Those were the days Rob, those were the days.

  2. #ROFL "we matriculate a lot" should be their new slogan!

  3. lmfao. i've actually googled this before

  4. "We matriculate a lot" - BWAhahahahahaha!!! That would be the most awesome school if they did that.


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