October 30, 2009

RPattz Cross-Stitch Pattern... which kinda reminds me of Homer Simpson :/

Someone please make this!

From The Guardian

Thanks Chris

- Lorabell


  1. Something is wrong with his mouth. I'm just say'n.

  2. Uh, yeah...it just doesn't look right. And usually patterns don't look That far off.

    If anyone wants to do a cross-stich of Edward/Bella/Jacob...etc. Do yourselves a favor and download a program called PCStitch. You can upload any picture you want, tell it how many colors you want to use and whether you want basic cross stitches, or if you want to get into the more complicated stitches (which aren't really that hard)and it will give you a pattern you can print out as well as a list with the color codes of the DMC floss that you can buy at a craft store to make it.

    Oh, and if you want it to be nice and detailed...try going for at least 18 count Aida cloth, if not higher. I promise, you won't be sorry!

  3. Does anyone else think he looks a little Justin Timberlake-ish? haha!


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