October 3, 2009

Rob in Joy Magazine & writing songs for Eclipse?!

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Le sigh...

Mexico's* Joy Magazine interviewed Rob - where it seems to me that he's having a bit of a dig at journalists... just me?

However, he also says:

Speaking of passion and music, we know you write songs. What can you share about it?

I’m trying to write some songs for the next movie. I don’t know if it will be possible because of my schedule, but I want to do it. Music is the other side of me, it’s one of the things that complete me and I wouldn’t want to leave it aside for anything in the world. I have the intention of evolving in that aspect. It’s something I want to develop just as much as acting. I want to have a balance between those two things.

Exsqueeze me? More Rob music?! Just... kill me now! *dies*

For the full interview, go over to Twilight Poison who also translated it!

- Lorabell :D

P.s. Is that a shark tooth necklace?!

*Thanks HisHypnoticEyes for correcting me ;) that's what I get for posting at 3am!


  1. On top of the world? Pfft. More like, let's go climb on top of Rob (;

    Mmm god, I love the picture.

  2. @Irene: *high five* hells yeah!
    - Lorabell

  3. i REALLY love this picture:)

  4. Aaawww... too bad you only posted that question, the interview is amazing in every sense of the word; he is very deep and analytical into it.

  5. The interview is great. He's so sweet and down to earth. I love him!!!

  6. gah, the wit and sensitivity of this guy is to die for !!! he such a dream come true ^^


  7. I love this picture!!! He looks sooo cute and sexy and hot and ok I'm going to behave...Also, I love the interview! This show another side of him like more mature and sensitive! Gosh I really want him at home every day...I think I'm going to make a clone of him or something! By the way, my boyfriend saw my background the one where Edward is taking his shirt in New Moon and you can see the V? Yep...he just said: I saw the background...the least you could do is change it while I'm here! hahaha My response? Yeah, I forgot but I love that picture! hahaha I feel so bad...I'm a failure as a girlfriend! haha

  8. Oh GOD! How beautiful is he!!!!

  9. Oh that necklace! It's made by Finn - it's a gold Mako tooth. I noticed him wearing that back in Cannes and fell in love with him just a little bit more - sharks are coolest creatures, anyone that likes sharks is a hero in my books. Love you Rob!

  10. Yeah, that necklace cost nearly a thousand dollars. Apparently he saw it or wore it at a photo shoot and wanted one...so he bought one.


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