October 3, 2009

Rob in GQ Style but is it him on the cover?!

Update: So from what I can decipher from Twitarded, the cover is confirmed not to be Rob - sorry! I wonder if the magazine selected an almost-kinda-lookie-likey on purpose?

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Our bloggy buddies over at the hysterical Twitarded scanned in these babies from GQ Style Magazine.

JennyJerkface and SnarkierThanYou think the cover is Rob, having done extensive lip and brow comparisons.

Although I see their point, I'm not entirely convinced - I need a lil' more jawesomeness! Plus, if GQ had gotten our boy in for another Robtastic shoot, then I'd like to think they'd extend beyond one shot :/

What do you think - Rob or no Rob?

- Lorabell


  1. Not Rob - his jaw is more square.

  2. noo way
    Rob's jaw is much more perfectly square like Stephanie said
    and look at the hair...not Robs
    im telling you Lorabell..Rob is much more perfect and beautiful =D

  3. That most certainly IS Rob. I really wonder about some of you sometimes.

  4. ganna say not Rob.

    If someone has this mag they can check the back @ their "credits" section and see who it is.

  5. nope - the lips and jaw are definitely off!

  6. Snowflake, I was just guna say that. Agree not Rob's jaw or lips.

  7. Why can't it be him? He can do some edgy shit sometimes. But after looking at it more, I think it pertains to the cover story beneath.

  8. I think it kinda looks like him. It looks like his brow, but like the commenters above said, his jawline is more square. Hm...

  9. Not Rob...no slight cleft in the chin....and his jaw is more square..

  10. Well whoever he is has nice lips. We need to find out who he is!

  11. It's not Rob, I was looking at it today while I was on lunch, I don't know why I didn't buy it... it looks better on the actual glossy pages as well, sigh.


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