October 7, 2009

Quick - to the Twi-mobile!

Even money the horn plays Decode!

Thanks Jake and Rebekah

- Lorabell

P.s. Edward would totally beat Batman in a fight!


  1. Whoa . . .someone is taking this addiction thing to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

    On the other hand, if a Twi blogger pimps their ride, can they write the car off as a "business expense"?

  2. hahaha okkkkkk...that's something I never do! haha I can imagine my bf face if he see my SUV covered with photos of Edward Cullen and Bella all over! hahaha that would be awesome but can you imagine people faces on the street? Straight to a mental facility! They call you stalker or crazy for buying something related to Twilight!

  3. I think my family will call for an Intervention if I pimped out my ride like that.

    Wow, I'm a pretty hard core fan but I think even I would be embarrassed to ride in this. I would think it'd be great for kids though!

  4. Well, I guess it would stop the looks of surprise if I climbed out of that one on a rainy day with my Edbrella! Yep, always cheers me up to see someone worse than me ;o)

  5. OH YES!! That is fantastic- fitting with giggles here. And yeah- seeing stuff like this makes me feel normal with my obsession!

  6. "Quick to the Twi- Mobile" sooo funny!!!!


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