October 27, 2009

Pattinson Panties!

Two of our bestest bloggy buddies Jenny Jerkface and SnarkierThanYou were lucky enough to be sent these masterpieces by the amazing Red Bella - kudos on the name ;)

Make sure to go over to Twitarded to see the other pictures I wasn't brave enough to post!

- Lorabell

P.s. They also posted my meme answers to see why you remind me of the babe ;)


  1. wow..i'm not gonna lie, i think this is really creepy

  2. hah I saw the inner part of these..... too far haha

  3. wahey! I love these pants! nice one Red Bella (it really is a good name isn't it)


    "My name is mysharona and I am an unapologetic Twitard. I would totally buy those pants"

    hope you're not still up blogging (or sniffing sponges) at 3am Lorabell!

    bisous xx


  4. Holy crap! His mouth on the inside! LMAO! What would Rob think?!! I cannot stop laughing! I could never wear those!!

  5. Wow!! not sure what to think!! Not sure if I wore these I would be able to concentrate on my work...my mind would go to way wrong thoughts!!LOL.

  6. Sick I know but I was just thinking: I want Jacob on my panties ;)

  7. Much agreed with Julie.
    It is really creepy o.O


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