October 24, 2009

Ooooh - Eclipse Logo Revealed!

Click for bigger
Debuted by the official Twilight Twitter - love how it has an almost metallic look to it - get ready for battle!

Thanks Lauren :)

- Lorabell *eeek!*

P.s. PFach Tweet he's now wrapped on Eclipse and David Tweet wrapping five actors in total last night - thanks LolyPop82!


  1. Nice! Very David Slade-y. Needs a ribbon imho but I guess he's not a ribbon kinda guy.

    p.s. waitin' for your meme answers...

    : )

  2. I looove the steely new logo with red dripping behind the letters- so Newborn army! It already looks very David Slade 30 Days of Night. Sweet!

  3. No Problem LoraBell! (I also keep hearing hints of this being Fire and Ice.. anyone else think so?)

  4. @Lauren: Good call on the fire and ice - love how it's also a little blood and metal as well as eclipsing shadow - perfect!
    - Lorabell

  5. I love it! I think it's prefect for Eclipse, which some kind of fire and ice would be awesome too :)

  6. I like how all the logos are the tint of the film. Like the twilight logo was blue and the whole movie had a blue tint, then new moon was orange/yellow and that looks like what the movie will be like. So i'm guessing eclpise will have a darker tint than the others.


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