October 3, 2009

OK Go Talk NM Soundtrack

Buzznet sat down and talked to OK Go about their song on the New Moon soundtrack - here's an excerpt:

Buzznet: What is the inspiration behind "Shooting The Moon" on the New Moon soundtrack?

Damian: The song is about an astronaut involved in a conspiracy. I am not personally a doubter re: the US moon landing, but the story fascinates me. The story, that is, that would be, were the conspiracy theory true. One of the most iconic heros of all time would have to live with the guilt. He'd have to keep such a heavy, terrible secret: that this huge historical watershed was a cynical lie. As the basis of a song, it let me get at a feeling that I otherwise have a hard time describing, the feeling of dread and conviction at the same time. Of wanting to say it's going to be OK, when in fact it probably isn't. It's a feeling I have a lot. The hero knows the only way to make things better in the long run is to unleash this awful truth which is going to break everyone's heart.

Buzznet: Did you create this song with the intention of having it on the New Moon soundtrack? Was "Shooting The Moon" recorded at the same time that you recorded your songs on your upcoming album?

Damian: It was recorded along with the songs on our new album, but it was a perfect fit for New Moon. Our record's already nearly an hour long, so we could afford it let this one go on to greener pastures. Which is no euphemism. The song is in such great company on this soundtrack that it's probably happier in its new home.

Buzznet: What is your favorite song off of the original Twilight Soundtrack?

Damian: I like the Iron and Wine song a lot.

Buzznet: If you were to have to choose 1 OK Go song to "set the mood" for Bella and Edward, what song would you play?

Damian: Hmm. I'm gonna give a few answers. Sorta depends on their mood. They're both earnest types, so perhaps the super-honest love song is the way to go. There's one on our new album called Last Leaf, in which I tell the woman I love that I will wait for her forever, which, sentiment-wise, seems pretty on-the-nose for B&E. But whether it'd get them feeling randy, I don't know. There's a dancier love song called "I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe," and again, bingo, right? Or do vampires breathe? To me, the sexiest song on the record is this one that we've already released online called "Skyscrapers." But I have sorta different parameters for sexy than most folks; it's probably only advisable as an aphrodisiac for the slow-jam inclined.

Read the full interview over at Buzznet

Thanks GorgeousGraham

- Lorabell

P.s. In case you're not familiar, they're the creators of this slice of genius:


  1. YAY! I love Ok Go! They came to my school 2 years ago. Mucho fun. Can't wait for the new song!

  2. Great video, great band, great interview. If that sounds too repetitive: Chicago really is a toddling town and I love guys with a quirky sense of humor. From here I'm off to YouTube to look up Vitalic's video with the dogs for some more Sunday humor.


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